Required Training for ASMs

In order to wear the "Trained" patch on your uniform you must do the following:

  • Register with BSA
  • Online Youth Protection Training (good for 2 years) 
  • Online Weather Hazards (good for 2 years)
  • Boy Scout Leader Specific Training (Online and in person classes)
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills - IOLS (Assistant Scout Masters) 

Optional training courses include:

  • Safety Afloat (Online)
  • Safe Swim Defense (Online)
  • Powder Horn
  • Paddle Craft Safety 
  • Level I Archery Instructor 
  • Climbing Instructor (Tower)
  • Shotgun Instructor
  • Climbing Instructor (Natural Areas) 
  • Wood Badge 
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • CPR

Troop M.O.M. Patch for committee and ASM require the following:

  1. Be a registered Adult in the Troop marked as CM or ASM
  2. Complete the 4 steps required to earn the TRAINED patch as ASM or CM
    • A. Take Youth Protection Training (Online)
    • B. Take Weather Hazards (Online)
    • C. Boy Scout Leader Specific Training (Online)
    • D. Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skils - IOLS (ASM)
  3. Be the MOM patrol grub-master for a campout
  4. Be the Scoutmaster-in-charge for a campout
  5. Introduce a rank at a Court of Honor
  6. Observe a Board of Review (ASMs). OR  Observe a Scoutmaster conference (CM).
  7. Perform a scoutmaster conference (ASMs) OR Lead a Board of Review (CM).
  8. Do at least 4 of the following 6 activities
    • A. Attend a Committee meeting
    • B. Attend a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting
    • C. Attend an ASM meeting
    • D. Attend a Boy Scout District Round Table
    • E. Help on an Eagle Project workday
    • F. Pull the trailer to a campout

Merit Badge Counselor Information

When a merit badge counselor wants to mark a badge as fully completed on TroopTrack make sure to mark only:

  • Completed On date

The committee is responsible for the other 4 fields

  • Awarded on Date
  • Recognized (CoH)
  • Reported to Council
  • Purchased

Scoutmaster In Charge (SiC) Camping Preparation Timeline

# Dates for planning:

(As soon as event is identified)

  1. Arrange reservations for the location and confirm date.
  2. As necessary, work with camping coordinator (Mrs. Cunningham or Mr. Fagan) to arrange for reservation/payment.
  3. Post activity to TroopTrack, along with details about the event, including:
    1. Event Type.  Date/time.  Location with Physical Address.
    2. Cost per person (see instructions below)
    3. Scoutmaster in Charge name.  
    4. Details about the event and activities
    5. Signup cut-off date (11 days before the event).  Typically this will be Monday at 11:30pm.
    6. Make sure to invite all relevant scouts, parents AND camping coordinator (Mrs. Cunningham), Medical Officer (Mrs. Van Metre), and Treasurer (Mrs. Coates).
  4. If camping, use the cost calculator to determine appropriate cost to Scouts: T146_Camp_costs_worksheet_V3.xlsx
  5. If required, reserve the appropriate trailer via the Scouting Coordinator. See details here: Trailer Reservation Info

1 month before event: Ensure that there is appropriate announcement for the event to eligible Scouts. This may take place as email, announcements during meetings, flyers, etc.

-11 days (Monday): 

  1. The campout list is reviewed for appropriate number of adults/seat belts by the camping coordinator. Any additional adults may be signed up at this time for this reason only. Vehicle information is confirmed at the same time by the camping coordinator. 
  2. Signups close at 11:30 pm. After this point, no additional scouts should be added to the list. Any Scout that wants to attend the campout may go on a waiting list (to be discussed further below).
  3. Inform Camping Coordinator (Mrs Cunningham) of 2nd Alternate Adult for permission slip.  Inform Camping Coordinator of the "at home" emergency contact.  

-10 days (Tuesday): Tour permit is finalized by camping coordinator. This lists adult by name, and Scouts by headcount. 

-11 to -7 days (Monday-Friday): 

  1. Any Scout that was signed up to attend may be replaced by another scout on a waiting list managed by the SiC. The Scoutmaster-in-charge is responsible for removing the non-attending Scout, and adding the Scout from the waitlist.
  2. Any changes to the attendance roster should be directly communicated to the treasurer, medical records coordinator and TPC.

-7 days (Friday evening): 

  1. No more changes to the roster may be made; any Scout still on the waitlist is informed that they cannot attend. Any Scout already on the roster that cannot attend will still be charged for campout fees.
  2. SiC ensures the Quartermaster gets a list of equipment needed for the campout.

-6 days (Saturday): 

  1. SiC sends a final roster of attendees to Medical records person, camping coordinator, and treasurer. No changes to headcount may be performed. If someone cannot attend, the roster should be updated to reflect the Scout receives 0 nights of camping, but not deleted.
  2. SiC takes the Camping Coordinator blank transportation list with all legal and authorized drivers and assigns scouts to vehicles for outbound and inbound legs of the trip.  SiC emails this to all adults attending.
  3. SiC makes sure some adult attending is the designated Medical Officier for the event; that someone can pull the trailer; and that an adult grubmaster is assigned.

-4 days (Monday): Treasurer provides grub funds to the Scoutmaster-in-Charge. Patrols (and provisional patrols) create grub plans, review with SiC for approval before receiving grub money.

-2 days (Wednesday): SiC sends an email with permission slip (Activity Form) to the list of registered Scouts and Scouters, along with any last-minute preparations for Friday.

0-day (Friday): 

  1. Medical Records person will provide medical forms for attendees to SiC or designated apothecary. That person will take permission slips, and medication for the campout. Note: youth and adults have to provide a permission slip that will be kept on file for 2 years. No Scout nor Scouter will be allowed to attend without all required documentation, including medical forms, and permission slip. Each attendee will have their own copy of the permission slip.
  2. SiC or designated adult will bring extra permission slips for those who forgot.

During campout: any medication dispensed must be logged on the provided sheet in the medical records book; this sheet will also be returned to Medical Records person. Adults may manage their own personal medications if desired.

At end of campout (Sunday): Unused medication is provided back to Scout once returned to Bethany.

+3 days (Monday): 

Medical records book and all permission slips are turned over to Medical Records person, if not done so on the Sunday return from campout.

SiC updates attendance on TroopTrack.  This includes service hours, camping nights, requirements completed, etc.  Non-attendees should be left on the roster for accounting purposes, but marked with a 0 camping night credit during the event.

(updated 3/6/2018 to reflect new cost worksheet link)

(updated 4/22/18 to embed cost worksheet link)

(updated 5/20/18 for new text from Kim and Tre)

Additional Info regarding Webelos Invitational Campout planning:

This campout is an opportunity to meet with Webelos Dens in the area that are traditionally tied to Troop 146. Packs that are invited have included 146, 159, and 162 (all sponsored by Bethany), 149, and 173. Other Packs have been invited; this list is flexibile.


  • 3 months out: Plan date & location for Webelos invitational campout. Confirm SiC.
  • 2 months out: Post date on Scoutroom, encourage signups. Webelos Coordinators email invitations. Grub master identified.
  • 1 month out: Encourage signups within the troop. Webelos coordinator firms up RSVPs from dens.
  • 2 weeks out: Signups close. T146 Camping coordinator submits tour permit. SPLiC identified. Provisional patrols created, grub masters identified. Meals planned. Webelos Coordinator finalizes guest list, provides to Camping coordinator. Medical records officer begins gathering information.
  • 1 week out: SiC identifies medical person. Final preparations put together.


  • Friday: 5:30 Troop attendees gather at Bethany, pack, & leave.
  • Saturday around lunchtime: Webelos arrive for the campout. Scouts host Webelos, MOM patrol hosts adults.
  • Sunday: all leave. SiC reports to ScoutMaster (if not on trip). Scoutmaster/Webelos coordinator sends thank you to dens for attendance.

Bethany Room Reservation

To reserve a Bethany Room or Facility use this link: Bethany Reservation Form

Trailer Reservation and Loading information

How to reserve a trailer

Contact Tre Cowan and the Scoutmaster to reserve the trailer.  The trailer reservation roster is listed on the Troop 146 Google Drive here: T146 Trailer Reservation Doc

How to load a trailer


  1. Load the trailer so that 60% of the weight is in front of the axle, and 40% is behind it. This minimizes swaying and whipping at higher speeds.
  2. Keep the heavier equipment lower to the deck. A low center of gravity keeps the trailer stable as it is pulled.
  3. Secure your load with ropes and tie-downs.

Order of the Arrow (OA) Election Process

Eligibility (from

Scouts from a troop are eligible to be elected if:

  • Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Have experienced 15 nights of camping while registered with a troop, crew, or ship within the two years immediately prior to the election. The 15 nights must include one, but no more than one, long-term camp consisting of at least five consecutive nights of overnight camping, approved and under the auspices and standards of the Boy Scouts of America. Only five nights of the long-term camp may be credited toward the 15-night camping requirement; the balance of the camping (10 nights) must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps of, at most, three nights each.
  • At the time of their election, hold the Scouts BSA First Class rank, and following approval by the Scoutmaster be elected by the youth members of their unit.

For elections, 50% of the troop must attend the election.  All Scouts are eligible to vote, even if they are not part of OA. A Scout may vote for all, or some, or none of the candidates.  A Scout is elected to OA if a majority of the ballots turned in are voted for that Scout.

Adults may also be eligible for OA if they meet the camping requirements.  Troops are allowed to elect one Scouter for every 3 Scouts (unconfirmed, can’t find reference?)

Steps to holding election:

  1. Determine which Scouts and Scouters are eligible, put on separate ballots for youth and adult.
  2. Schedule date for OA team to host elections for a troop.  Form available at  Note: only one election may be held per year.
  3. Announce to the troop the date of the election, and encourage attendance so that the 50% threshold can be met.  If there isn’t enough attendance, elections cannot occur.
  4. Bring ballots and pens/pencils to the elections.  The elections will be led by the OA team, and will let the Scouts know how to vote for the candidates.  (NOTE: a simple majority of ballots will elect a Scout; it is not dependent on the number of Scouts that attend the election, nor the number in the Troop.  All Scouts in the troop are eligible to vote, but if new scouts don’t know anyone on the ballot, they do not have to vote for anyone, and it is advantageous for them to not turn in a ballot.  If someone does not want to vote for anyone, suggest to them to not turn in a ballot for the same reason.
  5. The OA team will collect the ballots and tally the votes.  Once done they will provide the results to the Scoutmaster. Results can be announced, or kept secret until District Call-out at Camporee (typical & traditional). If a Scout cannot attend Camporee, they can be called out at a troop meeting afterwards.
  6. Elections for the adults is done by the adults, based on the number of Scouts  elected.  If there are more adults eligible than can be elected, the highest number of votes will be elected.
  7. After their election, candidates have 1 year from the date of the election to attend the OA Ordeal Weekend.  If they do not attend Ordeal during that year for whatever reason, they have to be re-elected.

Miscellaneous ASM Info

Canoe Usage Tips

  • Historically the committee has agreed to pay for canoe rentals in lieu of the troop purchasing them
  • Canoes can be rented and used at Lost Pines Scout Camp for no charge although they must be reserved in advance.  Camping is also free here.  See this link: Lost Pines Camping Reservations.  The lake allows for about 2.75 miles to the farthest point where there is a nice park (Bastrop-south-shore) to snack and break before the return journey.
  • Canoes can also be rented and pulled with their trailer for a fee.  The downside is that you must drive all the way to Bastrop to pick up and drop off.
  • We have borrowed Troop 271 canoes 4 or 5 times now.  We typically give them a $150 rental fee.  They have 9 canoes and 1 kayak with paddles and lifevests.  The contacts we've worked with in the past are:  Derek Chater, 512-538-8240.  The other names are: Robert Ryan <>, Jim Malmaros <>.  Their canoe trailer is stored at: 3061 Woodall Drive, CP TX 78613
  • Troop 146 owns 1 canoe and 1 small sailing boat - they are behind the scout shed

Tax Exempt Purchases

If you need to purchase anything for the troop, you can use this form to avoid paying sales tax:

Adult in charge of forming New Scout Packets 

What the new Scout folders should contain:

Dutch Oven Secrets

Heat: The rule for cooking is 2 to 1

  • You need two times the cooking briquet on top as you need on the bottom. Standard dutch oven to get to 350° is about 25 briquets, 8 on bottom (in a ring) and 16 on top (checkboard).

12" Dutch oven

  • 17/8 = 350 degrees
  • 18/9 = 375 degrees
  • 19/10 = 400 degrees
  • and so on...

Remember when starting your charcoal briquets, its best to use the large coffee can looking chimney. Start by wadding up some paper, placing under the chimney, douse with lighter fluid or my favorite cooking oil, and lite.

The charcoal is ready to go when all briquets are burning and red hot. A good pair of tongs is useful for handling

Cleaning: *A lot can be said about how to clean your dutch oven. However the best way to go is just cold water and a scrub pad. Take to rubbing off all the residual and then toweling dry. Remember left over water causes rusting

Once finished add a coat of cooking oil (dip a paper towel) to reseal and protect the cast iron.

A camper suggestion, wax paper, foil, or built in liners can be used as a layer between the inside of the oven and the cooking items. This makes for super fast cleanup when laziness is abound.


  • 2 x Apple Pie filling
  • 2 x Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix, 21 oz

Pour apple pie filling into the dutch oven. Combine required items for muffin mix. Pour mix over the apples. Use a spoon to spread muffin mix over apple pie filling. Take remaining cinnamon just spread evenly over the muffin mix.

Heat up about 25 charcoal briquets, cook at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Do not open the lid, it wastes all the heat.

Remember you can use the bottom side of the lid for a griddle for eggs and bacon in the morning

Happy Cooking.

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