Tentative Schedule

  • 9 Feb - Informative Meeting and Saftey
  • 15 Feb - 10 mile ride (Bethany)
  • 23 Feb - 10 mile ride (Twin Lakes YMCA)
  • 2 Mar - 10 mile ride (Read House)
  • 8 Mar - 15 mile ride
  • 16 Mar - 15 mile ride
  • 30 Mar - 15 mile ride
  • 13 Apr - 25 mile ride
  • 19 Apr - 25 mile ride
  • 26 Apr - 50 mile option (Georgetown Red Poppy Ride)
  • 3 May - 50 mile option (Belton Stampede on the Chisholm Trail)

NOTE:Rides listed here indicate requirements 8 and 9

Participant1st 10 mi2nd 10 mi1st 15 mi2nd 15 mi1st 25 mi2nd 25 mi50 Miler1233a3b3c456a6b6c6d6e6f7
Nathan Read
Terrance Klock
Gabe Kotik
Evan Johnson
Sean Macaulay
Johnathan Scoggins
Simon Kliewer
Mathew Varela
Adam Morris
Jack Badour


2nd 10 miler on Brushy Creek: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/361769005

Bike Checklist

  • Bike should be clean of dirt, oil and grime. No clearly broken parts.
  • Wheels/Rims - Runs true and round. Spins without rubbing on brakes. Wheel nuts or quick release closed and tight. Even tension on spokes with no bent or broken ones.
  • Tires - Good Tread . Valves 0 completely airtight. Properly inflated to recommended pressure.
  • Brakes – Even braking on front and rear. No rubbing when not applied. No squealing when applied. Enough wear (3/16 inch) left on pads.
  • Saddle - Height, tilt, and fore/aft position adjusted to rider. All adjustments securely tightened. Seatpost not extended beyond maximum mark on post.
  • Chain - Proper tension, allowing 1/2 inch of play. No stiff links. Clean, lubricated, and wiped of excess lubrication.
  • Gearing – Shifts correctly. Gears adjusted to eliminate all clicking and slipping.
  • Pedals - Bearings well lubricated; turn freely with no play in the bearing. Pedals tightly screwed into Crankarm. Toe Clips functional.
  • Handlebars - Tightened securely. Grips not worn; fit snugly, adjusted to comfort of rider, ends plugged, and in line with wheel
  • Lights - Front light visible for 500 feet. Rear Red Reflectors/Lights - Visible for 300 feet. Lights/Blinkers functional with good batteries.

Some Saftey and Rules

  1. You must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet whenever you're on your bike
  2. No one will get ahead of the lead Adult or fall behind the last Adult
  3. Bikes must be in good wokring order. We'll have an inspection at the beginning, but you must inspect your bike before every ride.
  4. Vigilance at all times! Rides on roads will be open to traffic- be aware and observent. Be seen by traffic. Obey all traffic laws.
  5. No reckless riding or horseplay.

Texas Bicycle Laws

These "rules of the road" are based on Texas Transportation Code statutes. Laws are designed to improve the safety of everyone who uses the roadways. Don't become a statistic! Remember to always use hand signals and body actions to communicate with motorists and other bicyclists.

Bicyclists have the rights and duties of other vehicle operators: (551.101)

Yes, this means you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but cars are required to yield right-of-way to a bicycle when appropriate, just as to any other vehicle.

Ride near the curb and go in the same direction as other traffic: (551.103)

Near the curb is subjective (we recommend leaving a cushion of about three feet) but the law gives a cyclist the right to take the lane when necessary for safety.

At least one hand on the handlebars (two are safer): (551.102c)

One when signaling but two when turning works well.

Use hand and arm signals: (545.107)

Point the way you are going, let the other operators know what you want to do.

One rider per saddle: (551.102a)

Don't let your friends share your bike while riding unless you're both on a tandem.

You may ride two abreast as long as you don't impede traffic: (551.103c)

Racing and taking the lane are special cases.

Must have a white light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the rear (for riding at night): (551.104b)

The light is primarily so people can see you coming from the side, where their headlights do not shine on your reflectors. The law, effective as of Sept. 2001, states that a red light can replace a red reflector.

Brakes capable of making the braked wheel skid: (551.104a)

Don't test that front brake to see if the wheel will skid while riding, especially down hill.

  • See more at: http://www.biketexas.org/es/infrastructure/texas-bicycle-laws#sthash.Wrq4ijdZ.dpuf

2014 Cycling MB Requirements

  1. Do the following:
    • Explain to your counselor the most likely hazards you may encounter while participating in cycling activities and what you should do to anticipate, help prevent, mitigate, and respond to these hazards.
    • Show that you know first aid for injuries or illnesses that could occur while cycling, including cuts, scratches, blisters, sunburn, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, hypothermia, dehydration, insect stings, tick bites, and snakebite. Explain to your counselor why you should be able to identify the poisonous plants and poisonous animals that are found in your area.
    • Explain the importance of wearing a properly sized and fitted helmet while cycling, and of wearing the right clothing for the weather. Know the BSA Bike Safety Guidelines.
  2. Clean and adjust a bicycle. Prepare it for inspection using a bicycle safety checklist. Be sure the bicycle meets local laws.
  3. Show your bicycle to your counselor for inspection. Point out the adjustments or repairs you have made. Do the following:
    • Show all points that need regular lubrication.
    • Show points that should be checked regularly to make sure the bicycle is safe to ride.
    • Show how to adjust brakes, seat level and height, and steering tube.
  4. Describe how to brake safely with foot brakes and with hand brakes.
  5. Show how to repair a flat by removing the tire, replacing or patching the tube, and remounting the tire.
  6. Describe your state and local traffic laws for bicycles. Compare them with motor-vehicle laws.
  7. Using the BSA buddy system, complete all of the requirements for ONE of the following options: road biking OR mountain biking.
    • Road Biking
    • Take a road test with your counselor and demonstrate the following:
    • Properly mount, pedal, and brake, including emergency stops. On an urban street with light traffic, properly execute a left turn from the center of the street; also demonstrate an alternate left-turn technique used during periods of heavy traffic.
    • Properly execute a right turn.
    • Demonstrate appropriate actions at a right-turn-only lane when you are continuing straight.
    • Show proper curbside and road-edge riding. Show how to ride safely along a row of parked cars.
    • Cross railroad tracks properly.
    • Avoiding main highways, take two rides of 10 miles each, two rides of 15 miles each, and two rides of 25 miles each. You must make a report of the rides taken. List dates for the routes traveled, and interesting things seen.
    • After completing requirement b for the road biking option, do ONE of the following:
    • Lay out on a road map a 50-mile trip. Stay away from main highways. Using your map, make this ride in eight hours.
    • Participate in an organized bike tour of at least 50 miles. Make this ride in eight hours. Afterward, use the tour's cue sheet to make a map of the ride.

Information "BLOG"

12 February 2014 Info Email

I've added the first three 10-miler rides to scoutroom.net. The dates are: * 15 Feb - 10 mile ride (Bethany) * 23 Feb - 10 mile ride (Twin Lakes YMCA) * 2 Mar - 10 mile ride (Read House) I know that many of you are going to Merit Badge University and will not make the first ride. The requirement is only two 10-milers, and this is reason we over-schedule. Of course you are encouraged to do more rides on your own too.

Everyone please signup for the events you can attend. The exact starting times are not fixed and if you have conflicts please email me directly. For those 3-4 who can go this Saturday (15 Feb): I can't remember who had what conflicts. I'd prefer to ride after 12 as it will be really nice, but we can of course ride earlier and bundle up some more. I think if we ride at 12:30 it will be around 65 degrees. If we leave at 9:30 it will be closer to 50 degrees.

8 February 2014 Info Email

This is a reminder email about the Cycling Merit Badge Kickoff and Informational Meeting tomorrow 9 Feb at 1:30 PM. Please signup early on scoutroom.net as there is a good chance we will have to cap the class size. Even if you have a conflict and can't make the meeting tomorrow DO sign up on scoutroom.net to indicate your interest in participating in the class.

Please meet in the Bethany Parking Lot near the cell phone tower (opposite the scout shed). We will be discussing road safety, rules, schedules, etc. We will also be inspecting bikes, so bring your bike. I've placed a checklist of things you should pre-inspect on scoutroom.net -> Troop 146 Internal Pages "link" -> Merit Badge Activities "expand button" -> Cycling Merit Badge 2014 "link". If you can't bring your bike tomorrow, we can also inspect at the first ride. Parents: if you are good at bike maintanance, please bring your tools and expertise.

As the previous email below indicates, we will mostly be riding on Sunday or Saturday afternoons with an occasional change for weather or camping conflicts. Our first ride will most likely be on 15 Feb. For our final 50 miler we will target either the 26 Apr "Georgetown Red Poppy" ride or the 3 May "Belton Stampede on the Chisholm Trail" ride.

2 February 2014 Info Email

If your interested in earning the Cycling Merit Badge, we'll be starting rides and classes soon. We'll have an information session and do some early academic requirements at the first meeting on Sunday the 9th of February. Please sign up on scoutroom.net if you are planning on attending.

The cycling MB is one of the original 14 "badges of merit" from the 1910 Boy Scout program! It is an Eagle Required MB (although you can alternately earn Swimming or Hiking instead).

Cycling MB is one of the most physically demanding MB you can earn in scouts - it requires two 10 mile rides, two 15 mile rides, two 25 mile rides and one 50 mile ride! New for 2014 there is a mountain biking option, but this class will be focused on the road biking option. The last time we held this class in 2011 all 10 of the boys finished all the required rides and earned the badge.

A road bike is not required (especially for the early rides), but is advised for the long rides at the end. There are places to rent road bikes for the 50 mile ride if that helps.

We will be riding into the spring with some of the early rides being on Fridays after school. The longer rides will need to be on Saturday or Sunday. If you miss some of the group rides you can makeup on your own, or schedule something with me directly. We will definitely need some parents to ride with us, so invite your parents too.

"Graduates" from the 2011 MB class are welcome to help with the badge and some have already offered to help teach and lead rides.

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