It's my son's first campout, what do I need to know?

What To Bring (consult your scout book when in doubt)

  • Scout book
  • Sleeping Bag (foam pad is an optional addition) - travel pillow is optional
  • Tent - boys may tent with their friends, but should plan this ahead of time. Vinyl Ground cloth under the tent helps protect the tent.
  • Class A uniform - required for travel both directions
  • Water bottle
  • Eating stuff (plate, cup, fork, spoon, knife). 
  • Flashlight (headlamp are best as we'll be setting up camp in the dark most Fridays), compass, pocketknife
  • Extra clothes (sleeping clothes, change of clothes, rain gear, extra shoes) - Check the weather. Pack in 1-gallon ziplocs to keep dry.
  • Personal care items (sunscreen, soap, toothbrush, etc)
  • No radios, cell phones or electronics (only allowed on the ride to the camp). These items will be confiscated until the event is over.
  • Pack everything in a backpack if you have it - but a duffle bag will do in a pinch.
  • Ask your patrol leader or senior patrol leader if you need to borrow something like a tent - don't rush to buy things
  • Camp Chair


Eat dinner before you arrive at the church for trailer packing on Friday night (or bring a sack meal for the car ride to the event).  After camp is setup on Friday night there will be a "cracker barrel" with snacks, but no dinner.

The scouts cook as a grub patrol and will be assigned to this patrol by the Monday preceding the campout. The grub patrol appoints a ‘grub master’ to purchase food. The patrol decides on a menu. The fees for the campout include the $10 per scout for purchasing food - this money is distributed the Monday before the campout. The grub master goes to the store with his parent to purchase the food, and brings it to the campout. Patrol food covers every meal, snacks, and beverages.  Patrols are provided cooking and cleanup gear and stoves. The troop will provide water.

No snacks or food in the tent - don't want to encourage the critters to join you.

Timeline - how it works

  • 12 days prior to campout - signup closes (two Mondays before campout)
  • Monday before campout - Grub money distributed and menu is finalized
  • Friday at 5:30 - meet at the shed to load the trailer. Permission form is required at this time.
  • Depart by 6:30 on Friday night. Boys travel in assigned vehicles - for safety sake, no swapping is allowed.
  • Return Sunday by 1:00 pm (usually)


  • Medical needs should be documented on the permission form.
  • Medicine should be in a Ziploc bag with the boys name on it and instructions inside.
  • Medicine should be given to the Scoutmaster In Charge who will administer during the event.

Can parents attend a campout

  • Absolutely! We welcome and encourage all parents to get involved
  • You must be registered with the Troop to camp with the boys. This involves filling out a BSA Adult Volunteer application and a small charge for insurance. A background check is part of the application. You must also register as a member on (follow the instructions at that site)
  • You must take the 30 minute online Youth Protection Training course. This course needs to be retaken every 2 years. On-line Youth Protection can be completed at: If you are not already a BSA registered adult volunteer and have your registration/membership number, you will need to print-out a copy of your completed class and turn that into (or Email a pdf file/scan) to Mrs. Nelson.
  • The adults camp and eat in our own Adult Patrol. You may not tent with your boy.


Mosquito Net Frames:

Summer camp is just around the corner, so that means we can start talking about mosquito net frames. I have seen several designs that have been used at camp to hold the mosquito net above the cots inside the tents. So the frame that I have drawn in the attached file is not the only way this can be done. However, I think that this frame has a couple of advantages. First, it is angled so that you can have more room under your mosquito net and still slide it over to the side of the tent. Second, it can be easily modified to be longer/shorter or wider/narrower, depending on the size of your mosquito net and cot. In the attachment (See trooptrack -> ShareCampingInfo - or try this link_to_the_file  or this one frame instructions), the tent on the right has frames like the one in the drawing. The tent on the left has frames with a flat top. Also, I used 1/2-inch PVC. If you want a more rigid and stronger frame, you can use 3/4-inch PVC.

I would recommend that you first get your cot and mosquito net. Academy has both of these items. We also have scouts in the troop that have these items and could loan them out if they are camping that same week. I have one possibly two) cots and mosquito net frames that would be available for Lost Pines.

After you have your cot and mosquito net, you build the frame. The reason that you want to do it in this order is that the nets and cots vary in size and you may need to modify the attached plans to fit.

In May, I will have the frame up at a scout meeting for a demonstration. I am also available if you have any questions or need some help.

PS. Marking the connection points with a marker or tape is helpful when you reassemble the pieces at scout camp.

PPS. I use a bag from an old folding chair to put all of the PVC pipe pieces in for storage and transporting it.

PPPS. Academy can sell out of mosquito nets as we get closer to summer camp time (early June). Thinking about this now will save you some hassles later.

Let me know if you have questions.

Christian Nelson, ASM

Troop 146 mail - Created at: 09:14 PM on Saturday, May 21, 2011 by:Jeffrey Janner

If you are planning on building the "lean-to" style frame that was handed out at the meeting the other night, I have just completed mine and have some pointers to pass on.

  1. Totaling up the lengths of the pieces, it appears you can by with four (4) 10-foot pieces of PVC. However, you need to give some thought to how to cut up the pieces before you start, or you will need to do like I did and go back for a fifth piece.
  2. I went back and did some calculations after I was done and came up with the following cuts that will work with only 4 lengths of PVC:
    • Cut pipe into 4 pieces of 30". (Note, you may have to trim a bit from the last piece.)
    • Cut pipe into 1 length of 34", 2 lengths of 32.5", and 6 lengths of 3.5". (May need to trim.)
    • Cut pipe into 1 length of 30", 2 lengths of 32.5", and 1 length of 19". (You will have about 4" left so you can make another 3.5" piece if you need it.)
    • Cut pipe into 1 length of 30", 2 lengths of 34", and 1 length of 19".
  3. The lengths specified in the handout fit my large Magellan cot. The width was just fine, fitting snugly against the side of the cot. The length is just an inch or so shorter than the ends of the cot. The frame legs are between the cot legs and the ends of the cot. I think it will work just fine. If necessary you can lengthen the frame by making the 32.5" segments just a little longer, but you will need to figure out your own pipe cuts or buy another piece of pipe.
  4. Lastly, I added 4 end caps to use on the feet. They will help keep dirt and bugs out of the pipes, as well as adding a smoother end to keep from tearing your tarp. If you can rubberize the ends, that will work even better.

ASM/Committee members - Example email to your patrol before you camp

Awesome Patrol,

   Here are some details about our campout this weekend - for the new scouts it's really important to read all the details below and "know how we do it" in Troop 146.  Also please read the info in this link:   New Scout Camping Info

1.  All scouts will need to fill out and have their parents sign the permission slip that is attached to this email.  This is really important and especially if you any medication you are taking.  The permission slip also lists emergency contact numbers for parents in case they need to get in touch with the campers.  It also lists the departure and return times.  

2.  Regarding medicines: as mentioned in the link above boys do not administer their own medication - a scoutmaster is assigned this task.  

  • Medical needs should be documented on the permission form.
  • Medicine should be in a Ziploc bag with the boys name on it and instructions inside.
  • Medicine should be given to the Scoutmaster In Charge who will administer during the event.

3. Regarding departure and return times: We meet at the shed between 5:15 and 5:30.  We aim for a departure of 6PM or so after loading the trailer/trucks.  With a 1+ hour drive this will leave us a bit of light to setup camp, but if you are late and hold up the caravan it may mean we are setting up in the dark.  Please plan on packing most of your gear Thursday night.  For Sunday returns, on full troop campouts we follow the strict 1PM return rule so as not to conflict with Bethany's church schedule, but on Patrol campouts we often return earlier.  I'd like to aim for a return closer to 10 or 10:30 this weekend.

4.  We do our best to carpool.  You vehicle info and insurance info must be submitted to the troop to drive.  We'll need probably 5-6 vehicles this weekend:

Mr. Read is driving  (5 seatbelts)

Mr. Kliewer is driving (5 seatbelts) 

Mr. Varela is driving, but leaving early with Nick (2 seatbelts)

Mr. Penington is driving, but leaving early (1 seatbelt)

We  need 1 or 2 more drivers.  I'm still waffling about if we will pull the troop trailer or just use trucks - mainly till I know who else is driving and what vehicles they have.  Also does anyone have a 4x4 who is willing to drive and pull the trailer?  Apparently there is a high likelihood the "low ground" near the bamboo will be too wet for "city vehicles" and we'll have to camp on the "high ground" and walk back-and-forth to the bamboo unless someone has a 4x4.   Please let me know if you are interested in driving.   Also is anyone else leaving early that I need to know about?

5.  See the gear list in the link above for what to bring.

6.  The property owner, Mr. Chambers highly recommends mosquito netting if you have it.  We'll have bug spray to share also.

7.  If you plan on building a shelter, it would be a good idea to bring some twine or rope.  We'll have a few saws for cutting the bamboo.  If you do build your shelter and sleep the full Saturday night it will count towards your Wilderness Survival Merit Badge.

8.  Caleb Read and Mr. Read are the co-grubmasters this weekend.  You don't need to bring your own food.  The troop always has the boys grub separate from the scouts, but on patrol campouts we are a bit less strict and we'll likely be doing some shared meals.   Please do bring your "mess kit" (see the link above).  If you have any food allergies please let us know ASAP as we plan on buying the food tomorrow.

9.  If you have any rank advancement you need covered or special activities you want to do, please contact your patrol leader Hudson so we make sure it gets scheduled.  

10.  We will have a campfire on Saturday night.  I have some "green wood" I'll bring, but if anyone has some seasoned wood they want to donate, that would be good too.  Also the bamboo makes a great "bang" when burned and will be an exciting addition!

11.  Also please remember that the scouts tent with other scouts and not with the parents.  

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