Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) Roles and Responsibilities

Lots of additional info can be found in this link: Adult Leadership Roles

ASM RoleASM AssignedBackup ASM
High Adventure CoordinatorBrian SchlosserOPEN
M.O.M. Patch CoordinatorBrian SchlosserOPEN
New Scout Parent OrientationJenny EisenhauerOPEN
Patrol ASM Mentor CoordinatorBrian SchlosserOPEN
Quartermaster MentorBrian SchlosserOPEN
Eagle Board of Review CoordinatorDoug MessickOPEN
Rank Advancement Data CollectionASMs paired with patrols---
Rank Advancement Sign-off CoordinatorAll ASMsOPEN
Recruiting CoordinatorJoshua WollardOPEN
Scout Spirit Evangelist
SM Conference CoordinatorALL ASMs paired with Patrols up to & including 1st Class - Mr Schlosser or delegate for above 1st ClassOPEN
Troop Guide Mentor

Patrol Mentor coordinator

The goal is for every patrol to have a ASM assigned as their Mentor.

The Patrol mentor coordinator is responsible for:

  • Ensuring all patrols have a ASM assigned as primary mentor
    • Ideally each patrol will have an second ASM assigned as backup and for two deep leadership
  • Ensuring that all boys are assigned a patrol after their trial month
  • Ensuring that all ASM patrol mentors are trained in what their role requires
  • Assisting in helping boys transition patrols in the rare cases where there is an issue or need to be moved

The Patrol Mentor ASM is responsible for:

  • Class A uniform if at all possible
  • Line up with your Patrol at assembly times
  • Being present for Patrol Meeting time
    • Do NOT lead the patrol meeting!
    • Do be a resource if they need help and ask for it
    • Do help keep order for unrulies
  • Review Grub Menus before campouts
  • Review Duty Roster before campouts
  • Enter advancment data in for patrol members as needed
  • Help coordinate and facilitate the Patrol Campouts
  • Be a general eyes and ears for issue with the patrol

Quartermaster Mentor

Works in conjunction with Scout QM to keep Troop equipment organized and ensures it is in good working condition.

Helps in coordinating the purchase of new equipment as needed.

Keeps log of trailer information:

  • mileage log (report to Jim Horton)
  • does periodic (visible) check on trailers to see if maintenance is needed

Coordinates with Scout QM to "teach" how gear should be cared for and stored.

Coordinates Scout Area (shed/trailer pad) clean up (mowing, brush clearing, etc.)

Eagle Board of Review Coordinator 

  • Forward the Eagle BoR message from Ms. Smeaton to Mr. Seidenberg.  For some reason he does not get them.
  • Check with the Scout and Mr. S about availability on a Thursday evening.  BUMC almost always has rooms available on Thursdays. Here is a sample email:
    • Congratulations Mr. XXX
    • I will be your primary point of contact for setting up your Eagle Board of Review.
    • I'll start with a few questions:
      • 1)  T146 has someone introduce you to the Board.  This can be anyone over 21 who knows you well.  Relative, clergy, teacher, ASM, etc.  They will just say a few sentences about you and maybe answer a question or two from the Board.  Is there anyone you would like me to invite to do your introduction? If not, T146 has typically defaulted to the ScoutMaster.
      • 2)  I will arrange for 3 people, in addition to the Capitol Area Council (CAC) rep, to be on the Board.  Most often they will be T146 Committee members - but it could be other adults who know Scouting well.  Generally not a T146 ASM.  Is there anyone you would like me to invite to sit on your Board?  If not, I will find three people.
      • 3)  We most often do Eagle BoRs on Thursday nights at Bethany UMC.  Are you typically available on Thursday evenings?  Generally, you need to be there from about 6:15 to a little after 8.
      • 4)  Have you asked you references to send letters directly to Mr. Seidenberg?
    • Based on your response to these questions, I'll send you a follow-up email with more information.
  • Mr. S does not want to do BoRs on weekends and does not want to start after 6:30.
  • Ask the Scout who he wants to do the introduction and who he wants to sit on the BoR.  Remind him to have recommendations letters sent directly to Mr. S and that Mr. S likes to get letters from every one listed on the Eagle application not just a couple of people.
  • Invite the Scouts preferred people for the open Thursday.
  • Once a date is set, ask Barbie Harrison to reserve a room.
  • Juggle available introducers/BoR members until we have an introducer and 3 BoR people.
  • Send a "Final Plan" message to everyone involved:  Scout, parents, Mr. S, introducer, BoR members.  Here's a sample one:
    • The following people have committed to sit on Mr. XXX Eagle board: 
    • Mrs. Read, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Gardner, and Mr. Seidenberg.
    • Mr. Read will introduce Mr. XXX to the Board.  
    • The BoR will be at Bethany UMC room D212 on Thursday August 29.
    • This is generally how an Eagle BoR happens, although some alterations do sometimes occur:  
    • Everyone involved will meet at approximately in D212 a few minutes prior to 6:30 pm so we can begin promptly at 6:30.
    • Mr. XXX will hand out copies of documents to BoR members.
    • The Board reviews documents and recommendation letters (provided by Mr. Seidenberg).  This will take several minutes.  The Eagle Candidate may be asked to leave the room during the review.
    • Mr. Read will provide a brief introduction.
    • Mr. Seidenberg will convene the BoR.
    • He will also Chair the BoR, which will last about 45 to 60 minutes.
    • When the Board has completed Q&A, Mr. Seidenberg will adjourn the BoR and the Eagle Candidate will step out of the room.
    • The Board will discuss results.
    • The candidate will be invited back into the room and informed of the BoR outcome.
  • I generally tried NOT to be on the BoR.  Then if someone had to cancel I could sit on the BoR.
  • I also typically send a message to the Scout letting him know what is expected at the EBoR and what typically happens at an EBoR.

Recruiting Coordinator


Troop 146 can grow in size, diversity, and quality of Scouts and adult leaders as a direct result of our recruiting efforts.

It is up to the Troop and Recruiting Coordinator to help shape the strength, quantity, and quality of those who join our team – or we can let luck and chance to bring whoever into our Troop.

The Recruiting Coordinator has several responsibilities that typically span from ~ of August/September to ~ March of the next year.

It is desirable for a Recruiting Coordinator to hold the position for 2-3 years if possible so that easier functioning and higher productivity can be achieved after the first year (typically a learning period.)


Works with T146’s SPL and SM/ASMs to coordinate and plan select Cub Scout Pack and Troop146 events or campouts before and after the annual District Webelos Woods campout.

Updates and maintains a worksheet-based data base of targeted Cub Scout Packs, Webelos Den Leader contact information (names, Email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), Scout information (names, commitment to T146 status, etc.)

Coordinates T146’s participation at targeted Cub Scout Pack cross over ceremonies, Pack meetings, etc. where Webelos 2 Scouts join T146. Typically ask 1 SM/ASM and 1 Scout (1st Class or hirer if possible) to participate for every 4-5 Scouts being received.

Communicate running estimate of number of Webelos 2 Scouts and others (non-Cub Scouts) who are expected to join T146 with SM, SPL, and Rank Advancement Chair so that Patrol placement planning and adequate supplies (neckerchiefs, slides, epaulettes, parent information packages, etc.) are available for each crossover ceremony or Pack meeting.

Meet with parents to discuss T146, our policies, procedures, camping frequency, etc. to inform and sell T146 to targeted Scouts and adults.


Must be organized and flexible.

Needs demonstrated strong scheduling skills and checklist approach.

Must have good interpersonal skills and a friendly, warm, approachable nature – a “people person.”

Ability to market and sell – with integrity is essential.

Troop Guide Mentor

• Guides and encourages the Troop Guide in his duties

• Meets to check on progress of new scouts

• Signs off requirements of new scouts at the Troop Guide’s discretion

• Ensures that the Troop Guide is doing his duties as follows:

  1. Introducing new Scouts to troop operations.
  2. Guiding new Scouts through early Scouting activities.
  3. Shielding new Scouts from harassment by older Scouts.
  4. Helping new Scouts earn First Class in their first year.
  5. Teaching basic Scout skills.
  6. Working with the patrol leader at Patrol Leaders' Council meetings.
  7. Assisting the Assistant Scoutmaster with training.
  8. Counseling individual Scouts on Scouting challenges.

M.O.M. Patch achievement tracking

To be a member in good standing of the M.O.M. (mean old men) patrol, the following must be done (see info at this link: MOM Patch Rules

  1. Be a registered Adult in the Troop marked as CM or ASM
  2. Complete the 4 steps required to earn the TRAINED patch as ASM or CM
    • A. Take Youth Protection Training (Online)
    • B. Take Weather Hazards (Online)
    • C. Boy Scout Leader Specific Training (Online)
    • D. Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skils - IOLS (ASM)
  3. Be the MOM patrol grub-master for a campout
  4. Be the Scoutmaster-in-charge for a campout
  5. Introduce a rank at a Court of Honor
  6. Observe a Board of Review (ASMs). OR  Observe a Scoutmaster conference (CM).
  7. Perform a scoutmaster conference (ASMs) OR Lead a Board of Review (CM).
  8. Do at least 4 of the following 6 activities
    • A. Attend a Committee meeting
    • B. Attend a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) meeting
    • C. Attend an ASM meeting
    • D. Attend a Boy Scout District Round Table
    • E. Help on an Eagle Project workday
    • F. Pull the trailer to a campout

Tracking Chart

ASM Name
Has Been Awarded?
Jared GrosekXXX


Jeff SundstromXX

Jenny EisenhauerXXX

XXYes - 26 Aug 2019
Keith McClureXX


Michael BarenysXXX

Jim MasonXX


Russell PeningtonXX


Sean CaryXXXXX
Russ JohnsonXX


Doug MessickXX

Michael HobbsXX


ASM MOM Patch achieved list:

  • Almond, Chris
  • Baddour, Rafi
  • Cowan, Tre
  • Hasting, Richard
  • Hsu, Phillip
  • Jeffrey, Tom
  • Jeffrey, Yvonne
  • Larsen, Kenneth
  • Mack, Eddie
  • Markle, Rick
  • Nelson, Christian
  • Read, Tray
  • Reddy, Mahender
  • Reuland, Michael
  • Sartin, Robert
  • Schlosser, Brian
  • Stetson, John
  • Thornton, Darrel
  • Walters, Mark
  • Wollard, Joshua

Rank Advancement Data Collection – Up to 1st Class


Consistent progress toward 1st Class rank is important for individual Scouts, Patrols, and T146 as the foundational Scouting skills are learned and indoctrinated during this period. Failure to progress can be a strong factor in Scouts leaving the Troop or Scouting.

Troop 146 can better plan and support it’s Scouts rank advancement activities with quality data for all active Scouts in a centralized tool/database.

Historically, T146 has attempted, unsuccessfully, several methods of collecting, recording, compiling, and reporting rank advancement status processes: asking Instructors and Guide to collect and report using BSA booklets, worksheets on website, Scouts to photocopy pages from their Scout book, etc.)

Currently, T146 uses ScoutRoom.Net for a variety of needs, one of which is the collection and reporting of rank advancement status.

Each Patrol has at least 1 ASM assigned to it. That ASM is that Patrol’s Rank Advancement Data Collector.


At a minimum, once each month, collect all Scouts’ books in the assigned Patrol and:

Photocopy rank advancement pages – be sure that the Scout’s name is written clearly on the photocopied sheets.

Compare central DB records (currently ScoutRoom.Net) for each scout and highlight those rank advancement requirements that have been successfully completed in each Scouts’ books that are not captured in the central DB.

If you have the ability to update the central DB directly, do so – this can include your family (son, stepson, grandson, nephew, etc.)since their Scout Book is the offical record and ScoutRoom.Net is just a tracking tool.

If you do not have the ability to update the central DB directly, provide the highlighted photocopies to the Rank Advancement Chair.

Assist Patrol Leader and/or Assistant Patrol Leader with Patrol rank advancement reports as needed.


Must be organized and flexible.

Must participate regularly in all Patrol meetings.

Must faithfully execute the minimum requirements.

Training Coordinator

Every Scout deserves a trained leader. Leader training ensures that we understand the program requirements and gives us ideas on how to implement them.

I see the adult training being about both meeting minimum standards, identifying training we want beyond the minimum, and identifying candidates for "advanced" training.

Adult Training Coordination:

  • Be aware of District, Council, National, and external training opportunities.
  • Communicate training opportunities to registered adult leaders.
  • Encourage all adults to take required training (not just YPT, but all training to get a "Trained" strip).
  • Identify candidates for extra training and encourage them to take training that will help them grow as leaders (Wood Badge, Powedrhorn, Philmont Training Center, etc.)
  • Ensure troop has some depth in training that enables special or high adventure activities (Safety Afloat, etc. in the basics, actual training in Wilderness First Aid, Climbing, for more advanced).
  • Record adult training
  • Arrange and offer (possibly teach as needed) troop training to fill gaps (either gaps in offerings or gaps in training that our leaders have).

Youth Training Coordination:

  • Be aware of the District, Council, National, and external training opportunities.
    • Include leadership training such as NYLT, NAYLES.
    • Include skills training such as First AID, Life Guard.
  • Identify youth who are candidates for training and encourage them to apply.

Merit Badge Coordinator


Recruit merit badge counselors and update TroopTrack to add and delete them.  Make sure the new counselors know what the merit badge requires of them and how they can help the scouts.  Scouts can start a merit badge on their own with a counselors approval.  Counselors can update a merit badge in TroopTrack or can ask the coordinator to do it for them.

Input all partial merit badge day accomplishments, summer camp partials and completes, Microsoft or other merit badge special classes, T146 classes or merit badge dedicated campouts as requested by the merit badge or ASM leaders, Chisholm trail classes and Capitol area counsel classes.

Counselors must approve an update on a merit badge for you to mark a partial or complete.

T146 counselors can run a mini merit badge class if it is approved by the Scoutmaster and the SPL. These are usually approved in the PLC meetings.  The counselor or Scoutmaster advertises it on TroopTrack. The counselor in charge will update TroopTrack or will ask the MB coordinator to do it.

In Oct/Nov UT Merit Badge University will start advertising information for troops to register.  The merit badge coordinator will register the troop before the deadline then communicate to the troop about signing up.  The merit badge coordinator will  communicate how to sign up.  There must be a Troop adult assigned as the point of contact for the event and must remain on campus for the duration of scout attendance on the day of MBU.

Rank advancement is recorded in TroopTrack by the Rank Advancement Chair but the Merit Badge Coordinator may perform this role if needed/requested to do so.  If there is a rank advancement at a meeting the patch will need to be ready and awarded at the end of the meeting.

In advance of summer camp, the merit badge coordinator is consulted as needed to ensure scouts are signing up for merit badges they are qualified for and can be applied to their rank advancement goals.  The merit badge coordinator can also assist with camp merit badge sign-up as needed. All merit badge reports from camp must be communicated by the camp ASM to the merit badge coordinator to be entered into TroopTrack.

Attend all Tuesday first of the month committee meetings.  

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