Patrol Monthly Duties

For duties see the Annual Plan

Service Patrol Duties

Through a rotation basis each patrol is assigned as the service patrol for a month. The responsibilities include the following:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to each Monday troop meeting
  • Bring the Troop and American flag and stands to meeting room
  • Help setup the tables in the committee room
  • Lead the opening ceremony - you Must have 3 people in full class A
  • Lead the closing ceremony
  • Stay 10 minutes late and return flags
  • Clean up any trash
  • Assist QM with any duties concerning campouts, such as loading trailer and setting up washstations
  • Help lead the group activity

Here are the asssigned meeting rooms for all patrols

Please use these rooms for all patrol meetings and functions

Spartans (Dark Side)Cafe

If required, patrols can use the picnic tables next to the Fellowship hall (not on the playground), or the benches in the prayer circle.


Each patrol can and should have patrol level campouts periodically. Typically May is reserved as Patrol Campout Month.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • Pick your date as early as possible
  • 2 deep adult leadership is required
  • Tour Permit is required - see the Adult acting as Activiites Coordinator (Eddie Mack)
  • Patrols handle their own grub money
  • Contact Quartermaster early and submit equipment needs
  • Contact ASM who is coordinating Trailer if needed
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