The following is a historical list of campouts to use as ideas for future campouts

DateLocationTroop or PatrolHighlights and Comments
Jan23-09El Ranco CimaEntire Troop
Feb27-09Enchanted RockEntire TroopClimbing and Repelling
Mar27-09District CamporeeEntire Chisholm Trail District
Apr24-09Lost PinesEntire TroopSailing
May29-09Griffith LeagueTroop
Jun12-09Krause SpringsVikings/Coyote PatrolPatrol Campout
Jun19-09SchlitterbahnEntire TroopSwimming and camping overnight
Jun19-09Hill CountryEntire TroopTres Ritos prep
Jun21-09Lost PinesTroopWorking on MB and BSA Programs that were signed up for
Jul5-09Camp Pioneer in ArkansasTroopWorking on MB and BSA Programs that were signed up for
Jul18-09Tres RiosTroopTres Rios NM Trek
Aug7-09San MarcosTroopCanoeing
Sept18-09Inks LakeEntire TroopMother and Son Campout
Oct16-09Canyon of the EaglesEntire Troop
Oct23-09Webelos WoodsEntire Troop and Webelos in the district
Entire TroopShooting campout
Dec18-09Colorado BendTres Rios crew
Entire TroopSurvival campout
Mar12-10Lost PinesEntire TroopNew Scout campout
Mar26-10Wolf MountainEntire Troop and Chisholm Trail DistrictDistrict Camporee
Apr23-10Lake SomervilleEntire TroopMountain Biking
May14-10Enchanted RockEntire TroopClimbing and Repelling
May28-10Mustang IslandFerrari and Mustang Patrol
Jun13-10Lost PinesTroopWorking on BSA MB and activites that were signed up for
Jun26-10Big BendTroopWest Texas Adventure
Jul16-10SchlitterbahnEntire TroopSwimming and camping overnight
Aug6-10Colorado BendEntire Troop
Sept10-10Inks LakeEntire TroopMother and Son campout
Oct8-10Travis County Expo CenterEntire TroopScoutJam 2010
Nov5-10Camp Alma McHenryEntire Troop and Webelos in districtWebelos Woods
Dec27-10Buffalo Trail Scout ReservationTroopBTSR Winter Camp
Jan10-11Lost PinesTroop
Jan14-11Sunset RanchEntire TroopSurvival Campout
Feb25-11Wolf MountainEntire TroopPioneering
Mar25-11Buescher State ParkEntire Troop
Apr1-11Griffith LeagueEntire Troop and Chisholm Trail DistrictDistrict Camporee
Apr29-11Lost PinesOA District RepresentativesOA Annual Assembly
May6-11Palametto State ParkWizard PatrolPatrol Campout
May13-11Enchanted RockSmoke and Mirrors PatrolPatrol Campout
May20-11Willis CreekApache and Viper PatrolsPatrol Campout
Jun12-11Lost PinesTroopWorking on MB and BSA activites that were signed up for
Jun12-11Philmont Scout ReservationPhilmont Trek Team
Jun28-11BSA Scuba BaseTroop Sea Base TeamSwimming, Snorkling, Sailing
Jul15-11San Marcos River RetreatTroop
Jul24-11Hale Scout ReservationTroopWorking on MB and BSA activities that were signed up for
Hunters PatrolPatrol Campout
Sept30-11McKinney Falls State ParkEntire Troop and Webelos in districtWebelos Invitational
Oct14-11Lost PinesThose signed up for Fall Hornaday weekendShort term MB Campout
Oct14-11Friendship Park in Granger LakeThose participating in Weblos Woods
Oct28-11Lost Maples
Camping MB Campout
Nov11-11Pace Bend ParkVipers PatrolPatrol Campout
Nov11-11Emma Long Metro ParkSmoke and Mirrors PatrolPatrol Campout
Nov18-11Lake GeorgetownWizards/ Apaches PatrolsPatrol Campout
Jan13-12Sunset RanchEntire TroopWilderness Survival Campout
Feb23-12Lake GeorgetownVipers PatrolPatrol Campout
Feb24-12McKinney Falls State ParkApaches PatrolPatrol Campout
Feb24-12Pedernales Falls State ParkFerraris PatrolPatrol Campout
Mar2-12Enchanted RockWizards PatrolPatrol Campout
Mar23-12Tahuaya Scout CampEntire Chisholm Trail DistrictDistrict Camporee
Apr13-12Russell Park at Lake GeorgetownEntire TroopNew Scout Campout and Rank Advancement "Fast Start"
Apr20-12Lost PinesThose signed up for Hornaday WeekendShort Term MB Campout
May4-12Lost PinesOA MembersOrder of the Arrow Spring Assembly
May25-12Lake SommervilleEntire TroopMountain biking campout
Jun17-12Lost PinesThose signed up for the campLPSR Long Term Summer Camp
Jul8-12Buffalo Trail Scout RanchThose signed up for the campBTSR Summer Camp
Jul27-12Goose Island State ParkIncoming LeadershipTroop Leadership Training Campout
Sept14-12Potters Creek ParkEntire TroopAnnual Mother/Son Campout
Sept28-12Blanco State ParkEntire Troop and WeblosWebelos Invitational Campout
Oct5-12Lost PinesOA MembersOrder of the Arrow Fall Assembly
Oct19-12Friendship Park at Granger LakeEntire Troop and WeblosWebelos Woods
Nov9-12Hill Country StateWizards PatrolPatrol Campout
Nov9-12Pace Bend ParkVipers/Falcons PatrolPatrol Campout
Nov9-12Potters Creek ParkApaches PatrolPatrol Campout
Dec27-12Green DicksonThose signed up for NYLTNational Youth Leadership Training
Jan25-13Sunset RanchEntire TroopWilderness Survival Campout
Feb22-13Lake Sommervile State ParkEntire TroopMountain biking Campout
Mar9-13Lost Pines Scout ReservationOA MembersOA Conclave Workday
Mar22-13Camp TahuayaEntire Chisholm Trail DistrictDistrict Camporee
Apr5-13Lost PinesEntire TroopNew Scout Campout
Apr19-13Lost PinesThose who signed up for Hornaday weekendShort Term MB Campout
Apr26-13Lake Brownwood State ParkApaches PatrolPatrol Campout
Apr26-13Lake GeorgetownWizards PatrolPatrol Campout
Mar3-13Emma Long ParkPresidents PatrolPatrol Campout
Mar3-13Sandy Creek ParkFalcons/Hunters PatrolPatrol Campout
Mar3-13Lost PinesOA MembersOrder of the Arrow Spring Assembly
Jun10-13Camp Green DicksonThose signed up for NYLTNational Youth Leadership Training
Jul7-13Jack D. Furst Aquatic BaseThose signed up for the summer campCamp Constantine Summer Camp
Jul13-13Summit Bechtel ReserveThose signed up for JamboreeNational Jamboree
Aug9-13Krause SpringsEntire TroopShort Term Troop Campout
Sept13-13Potters Creek ParkEntire TroopAnnual Mother/Son Campout
Sept27-13Camp Tejas at Lake GeorgetownEntire Troop and WebelosWebelos Invitational Campout
Oct4-13Lost PinesOA MembersOrder of the Arrow Fall Assembly
Oct18-13Lost PinesStaff MembersCub Partner Campout
Oct18-13Lost PinesThose signed up for Hornaday Weekend
Nov8-13Canyon of the EaglesWizard/Stag PatrolsPatrol Campout
Nov15-13Lost PinesPresidents PatrolPatrol Campout
Dec7-13Lost PinesOA MembersOA Vigil Weekend

1/24/2014Roy D. Rivers Wilderness CampWilderness Survival Campout
3/14/2014Hill Country State Natural AreaDark Side (Wizards) Patrol Campout
3/21/2014Camp TahuayaCamporee 2014
4/4/2014Lost Pines Scout ReservationPatrol Method Campout
4/11/2014Lost Pines Scout ReservationSpring Hornaday Award Weekend
4/25/2014Pace Bend ParkPresidents Patrol Campout
5/2/2014LPSROrder of the Arrow Spring Assembly
5/9/2014Inks Lake State ParkRavens/Apaches Patrol Campout
5/16/2014Riverside Resort campsitesSloths Patrol Campout
6/9/2014Green Dickson Scout ReservationNYLT Week #1
6/15/2014Lost Pines Scout ReservationLPSR Summer Camp
6/23/2014Philmont Scout RanchPhilmont Crew 624-A
6/29/2014Wehinahpay Mountain Scout ReservationWehinahpay Mountain Summer Camp
6/29/2014Philmont Scout RanchPhilmont w/ T259 - Crew 630-D-12
7/20/2014AtikokanNorthern Tier Canoe Trek
8/9/2014Davis Mountain State ParkApaches Patrol Campout
9/12/2014Krause SpringsKrause Springs Troop Campout
10/3/2014Friendship Park, Granger LakeWebelos Woods
10/10/2014Lost Pines Scout ReservationOrder of the Arrow Fall Assembly
10/17/2014Lost Pines Scout ReservationFall Hornaday Award Weekend
11/7/2014Camp TejasWebelos Invitational Campout
11/14/2014Garner State ParkPresidents Patrol Campout - Garner State Park
11/14/2014South Llano River State ParkRavens/Stags Patrol Campout - S Llano River State Park, Junction, TX
11/21/2014Tejas Camp - Lake GeorgetownDark Side Patrol Campout
12/5/2014Blanco State ParkApache Patrol Campout
12/26/2014Green Dickson Scout ReservationNYLT Winter
1/13/2015Lost Pines Scout ReservationLost Pines Winter Camp
1/16/2015Roy D. Rivers Wilderness CampWilderness Survival Campout
2/20/2015Reveille Peak RanchMountain Biking Campout
3/6/2015Camp TahouyaCamporee 2015
4/10/2015Lost Pines Scout Reservation - San Gabriel SiteTroop Campout -Patrol Building/Patrol Method
5/1/2015Lost Pines Scout ReservationOrder of the Arrow Spring Assembly
5/1/2015Goliad State ParkDarkside/Hunters Patrol Campout
5/15/2015Granger LakeApache Patrol Camp-Out
5/23/2015Canyon LakePresidents Patrol Campout
5/29/2015Shaffer Bend Recreation areaSlags (Sloth and Stag) Patrol Campout
6/21/2015Lost Pines Scout CampLost Pines Summer Camp
6/26/2015bumcMustang Island Beach Campout
6/28/2015BUMCPhilmont Scout Ranch
7/5/2015West TexasWest Texas Adventure
7/26/2015JapanWorld Scout Jamboree: Japan
7/29/2015FloridaFlorida Sea Base
9/25/2015Inks Lake State ParkMother/Son Campout
10/2/2015Lost Pines Scout ReservationOrder of the Arrow Fall Assembly
10/9/2015Garner State ParkApache Patrol Campout - Lost Maples & Garner
10/16/2015Grainger LakeWebelos Woods 2015
11/13/2015Turkey Bend Recreation Area?Webelos Invitational
11/20/2015Lake GeorgetownDarkside Patrol Campout at Lake Georgetown
12/5/2015Lost PinesHornaday Award Weekend Fall 2015
12/12/2015Tejas CampgroundPhoenix patrol campout at Tejas Camp Lake Georgetown
1/22/2016Revellie RanchWilderness Survival Campout
2/26/2016Enchanted Rock State ParkBackpacking Campout at Enchanted Rock
3/14/2016Camp Green DicksonNYLT Spring Break Course
4/1/2016Smilin' V Scout RanchChisholm Trail Camporee 2016
4/15/2016Lost PinesHornaday
4/22/2016Lost Pines Scout ReservationPatrol Method Campout
5/6/2016Lost Pines Scout ReservationOrder of the Arrow Spring Assembly
5/13/2016Shaffer BendPhoenix Patrol Campout
5/13/2016Lake GeorgetownSpartan Patrol Campout
5/20/2016Emma Long ParkPresident's Patrol Canoe Campout  to Emma Long
5/27/2016Chamers Bamboo FarmRavens Patrol Campout - Chambers Bamboo Farms
6/3/2016Gardner Family property - Lago VistaHunter Patrol campout
6/10/2016Canyon of the EaglesDragon Patrol Campout
6/19/2016Lost Pines Scout ReservationLost Pines Summer Camp
7/1/2016Canada-USANorthern Tier
7/1/2016Philmont Scout RanchPhilmont 703-L-15
7/10/2016Buffalo Trails Scout RanchBTSR Summer Camp
9/23/2016Buescher State ParkMother-Son campout
10/8/2016Lake Georgetown - Jim Hogg ParkAJ's Last Apache Patrol Campout
10/14/2016Lost PinesHornaday
10/21/2016Friendship ParkWebelos Woods Campout
10/28/2016Bamboo FarmPhoenix Patrol Campout
11/4/2016Reveille Peak RanchRavens/Hunters Patrol Campout
11/4/2016BethanyDragon's Patrol Campout
11/18/2016Canyon of the Eagles, LCRASpartan Patrol Campout
12/27/2016Camp Green DicksonWinter NYLT
1/20/2017Doug Williams' propertyWilderness Survival Campout
2/12/2017River Place TrailheadPhilmont Crew A: Day Hike
2/24/2017LPSRCanoeing Campout - LPSR
3/25/2017Georgetown - Tejas ParkPhilmont Crew A Overnight Shakedown
3/31/2017Camp TahuayaChisholm Trail Camporee - T146 Hosting
5/5/2017Hill Country State Natural AreaSpartan Patrol Campout
5/12/2017Lake Georgetown - Jim HoggMother Son Campout
5/21/2017River Place Nature TrailPhilmont Prep Hike
6/2/2017Turkey Bend LCRA Recreation AreaDragon Patrol Campout
6/9/2017Emma Long ParkPresident Patrol Campout
6/18/2017Lost Pines Scout ReservationLost Pines Summer Camp
7/1/2017Camp AlexanderCamp Alexander Summer Camp
8/11/2017Leander hike & Bike, Brushy creek trailsHiking Campout
9/22/2017Grelle Recreation AreaOrienteering Campout
10/13/2017Smilin V Scout RanchWebelos Woods
10/20/2017Camp TejasSpartan and Phoenix Patrol Campout
10/20/2017Lost Pines Scout ReservationHornaday Weekend
10/20/2017Reveille Peak RanchApollo Patrol Campout
11/3/2017Sandy Creek ParkCactus Patrol Campout
11/3/2017Sandy CreekPresident Patrol Campout
11/17/2017Shaffer Bend Recreation AreaDragons Patrol Campout
12/1/2017Turkey Bend: 4000 Shaw Dr, Marble Falls, TX 78654Webelos Invitational
12/27/2017BTSRBTSR - Winter Camp
1/26/2018Bamboo FarmWilderness Survival Campout
2/23/2018LPSR - KitchensClimbing Campout
3/10/2018Guadalupe Mnts Guadalupe Mountains High Adventure
3/23/2018Cedar Breaks Park at Lake GeorgetownPatrol Method Campout
5/4/2018Jim Hogg at lake GeorgetownMother-Son Campout
5/19/2018Krause SpringsPresidents Patrol Campout
6/17/2018Lost Pines Summer CampLost Pines Summer Camp
7/1/2018Camp Constantin Summer CampCamp Constantin Summer Camp
7/27/2018Northern Tier - Crew ANorthern Tier - Crew A
10/13/2018Smiling V RanchWebelos Woods
10/20/2018Lost PinesHornaday Weekend
11/10/2018Berry Springs Park -GeorgetownWebelos Invitational
Feb 2019Wollard RanchWilderness Survival Campout
June 2019Lost PinesLost Pines Summer Camp
Jul 2019BTSRBTSR Summer Camp
July 2019
United States. West Virginia, Summit Bechtel ReserveWorld Scout Jamboree
Sep 2019Krause SpringsPresidents and Dragon Patrol campout
Oct 2019Russell Park, Lake Georgetown
Spartan Patrol Method
Oct 2019Krause Springs
Petrol Patrol Method
Oct 2019Private land courtesy of Varner family friendCactus Patrol Method
Nov 2019Willis Creek Park at Granger Lake Catapult Troop Campout 
Jan 2020Private land- Wollard Deer LeaseWilderness Survival Campout
Feb 2020Guadalupe MountainGuadalupe Mountain Campout
May 2020At home Troop At Home Virtual Campout
Sept 2020Krause SpringsPresidents Patrol
Sept 2020Inks LakeApache Patrol
Oct 2020Lake SommervilleSpartan's Spooky Patrol Campout
Jan 2021Roy D Rivers Scout Camp
Wilderness Survival
Feb 2021Shaffer Bend Recreation Area Shotgun Merit Badge
Feb 2021Guadalupe MountainGuadalupe Mountain Campout
May 2021Boy Scout IslandCanoeing Campout
July 2021Lost PinesLost Pines Summer Camp
July 2021Guadalupe Mountain, Calsbad, MacDonald Obs, Balmorhea, Ft Davis, Big BendWest Texas Adventure
Oct 2021Bamboo ForestBamboo Forest Troop Campout
Jan 2022Roy D Rivers Scout Camp Wilderness Survival
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