Troop 146 Guidelines for Eagle Projects & Applications

For any questions on this process start with:

Eagle Coach: Tray Read 512-750-4832

Important References & Links:

Start your Eagle Project …

  • Work with Mr. Read and your parents to select a project beneficiary and project idea (See past project ideas below in Appendix A).  Meet the beneficiary and get conceptual approval from them.  Discuss general timeline and costs. Begin tracking all your hours put into the project.  Always use 2 deep leadership in meetings and emails.
  • Read the entire workbook in the link here: Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook Download the pdf to your computer – don’t attempt to edit in your web browser.  Edit the pdf with Adobe - don’t handwrite with pen or pencil. 
  • Fill in the “Proposal” section of the Workbook (pages 7-15) and the fundraising application (pages 23-24). No fundraising or project work can start until AFTER the Proposal is approved by the Troop and District.  You’ll need this info to fill out page 9:

Chisholm Trail District, Capitol Area Council

RoleNameContact Information
Unit Leader ScoutmasterBrian Schlosser10803 Pickfair Dr, Austin TX 78750
Unit Committee ChairJenny Eisenhauer12218 Old Stage Trail, Austin TX 78750
Unit Advancement CoordinatorJared Grosek6800 McNeil Dr, Austin TX 78729
Your Council Service CenterKeri Smeaton12500 North IH 35, Austin, Texas 78753
Council or District Project Approval RepresentativeEd Seidenberg8634 Ephraim Rd, Austin 78717
(512) 773-0278
Project CoachTray Read11617 Medallion Ln, Austin TX 78750
Eagle Board of Review CoordinatorDoug Messick12901 Coriander Dr, Austin TX 78729

  • Email Project Workbook to Mr. Read for approval and/or corrections.  Get signature (Proposal Page E and Fundraising Page A).
  • Get signature from the Beneficiary (Proposal Page E).  Be sure to give them a copy of pages 30-31 of the workbook.  Be sure to get their signature on the Fundraising Application (p23-24) if applicable. 
  • Email Mr. Schlosser to schedule committee presentation.  This is usually on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, so tell him in the email which you are available for or if you have conflicts on those days.  See Appendix B below for details on how the presentation works.
  • Present to Committee and get signature. Wear Class A. Bring 5 copies of project plan.
  • Email Mr. Seidenberg at District for his signature.  Include the workbook PDF. Include a scan of the proposal page with signatures.  Include a scan of the signed fundraising application if applicable. Include any supporting spreadsheet or pictures.  Mention to him when you turn 18 if you are a “hurry case”.  Attachments over 10Mbyte often don’t make it through his email filter, so consider using Google Drive if your PDF is too big.
  • Once you have all signatures, you can further flesh out your actual “Project Plan” in the workbook (pages 16-22) and begin real work!  Contact Mr. Read if you have any further questions on the plan.
  • Any funds you raise through fundraising should be deposited with the troop.  After you have purchased items for your project, submit a reimbursement request for the amount spent and present your receipts.  Any leftover funds not used must go to the beneficiary.
  • After final planning, lead your Eagle Project Teams.  Schedule your dates, execute the plan.  Keep track of everyone who helps.  Take pictures.
  • For purchases that are for your project, you can use the tax exempt form here:  Tip: take the form to the customer service desk first, before you shop. In my experience, every store has its own procedure for how they handle tax exempt purchases.
  • Write up the “Report” in the Eagle Workbook (page 26-29). 
  • Review with Mr. Read, then get signatures from Mr. Read or Ms. Eisenhauer and Beneficiary.

Required before you turn 18:

1. Complete all your required merit badges and other requirements.
2. Complete your service project and get all the needed signatures.
3. Complete your Scoutmaster's Conference.

After your 18th birthday, you can submit your completed Eagle application, receive the Verified application, write your Life Ambition Statement, and have your Eagle BoR. You have 24 months to do that, but it’s always best to do it promptly and before your 18th birthday if possible.

Capital Area Council - Frequently Asked Questions regarding a Scout’s 18th birthday

Fill out your Eagle Scout Rank Application and do Board of Review

  • After you have all your required merit badges, leadership requirement, and Eagle Project Report signed in your book, do your Scoutmaster Conference and Scout Spirit.  Contact Ms. Eisenhauer to schedule this and get your handbook signed.
  • The last step is the Board of Review, start by filling out the BSA Eagle Scout Rank Application electronically (This is not to be handwritten): 
  • Get all the required signatures (You, Ms. Eisenhauer or Mr. Read, Mr. Schlosser)
  • Submit the application to Capitol Area Council office.  You must submit your “Statement of Lifes Ambitions” at this time too.  If any requirements are “recently earned” submit a printout of trooptrack and a photocopy of your scout-book-eagle-req-page – or ask Mr. Grosek to provide you with the correct official documentation.   Here are the Council’s descriptions of the steps – see point #4 specifically:  It is best to hand deliver this to the scout office, but the scout doesn’t have to be present.  Capitol Area Council will advise when your application has been approved.  Once you have the approval, you should proceed through the next steps to ensure your Eagle Board of Review can be arranged quickly and efficiently.  You must go back to the Council to get your official approved application – this will be needed at the BoR.
  • You must request “letters of recommendation” from the people listed on your Eagle Application.  Be sure to clarify that the letters should go directly to Mr. Siedenberg and the scout should not read the letters.  Email directly to Mr. Siedenberg is fine.  If the letter is on paper then have it mailed to Mr. Siedenberg or have the letter writer put it in a sealed envelope to ensure the scout doesn’t read.  List 5 references (for example: parent, scout leader, teacher, church reference, work reference), but two is generally the minimum number to collect.  Mr. Messick can help collect these if your letter writers need reminders sent to them.
  • Contact Mr. Messick to schedule your Board of Review.  Provide dates and times that will work for your schedule.  Provide any particular adults you wish to be on the board.  Pick who you would like to “introduce” you to the board (this is usually the Scoutmaster or an ASM).  Mr. Messick will coordinate the BoR schedules for all the participants
  • See Appendix C below for details of what to bring and how a BoR typically goes.
  • After completing BoR, submit the completed application to Capitol Area Council office for forwarding to National.

NOTE: If you have 27 Merit Badges (or more) at time of your Board of Review you are entitled to an Eagle Palm for every 5 merit badges over the required 22. After your board of review, you must serve 3 months and earn 5 more merit badges per palm for additional ones. 

Appendix A: Past Eagle Beneficiaries, Project and Contact info

Beneficiary Info
Connell O'HarrrowLittle LibrariesLaurel Mountain Elementary

Mason Hsu


Bethany UMC
Epi Chavez; 512-203-8249;

Hudson Schlosser

Nature trail Bird Houses

River Place LD; Arthur Jistel; 512-771-1404;

Zachary Hobbs

Picnic Tables

Springwoods Pool
Conor Hopkins; Austin Aquatics Center; 512-974-9340;

Donovan Gribbin

Picnic Table

Volma Elementary
Tina Coba; 512-230-4700;

Grant Cary

Pet Adoption Sign

WilCo animal shelter 
April Peiffer (512)-943-3817;;

Justin Lapato

Fence extension and canopy

Texas Humane Heros; Rachel Tomko, 512-260-3602;

Ryan Swanson

Picnic Tables

Canyon Vista MS; Nicole Haggarty; 512-464-8100; Nicole_hagerty@roundrockisd.ogr

James Eisenhauer

Benches at outdoor learning area

Blackland Prairie Elem; Mark Fleming; 512-424-8689;

Robbie Rust

Playground Refurbishment

Round Rock Serving Center; Lori Scott; 512-244-2431;

Ethan Varner

Concrete pad and pavilion

“The Anderson mill”: Anderson Mill Gardner Club. Rex Jackson 512-797-2086

Conner Fagan

Trail Conservation

River Place; Arthur Jistel; 512-771-1404;

Theo Kliewer

Refurbish Tool Shed

Northwest YMCA; Ricardo Torres; 512-337-9249;

Sutej Tapdiya

Building Picnic Tables

Austin Zoo; Patti Clark; 512-695-3021;

Ty Macaulay

Installing native plant info signs

Williamson Co. Parks Dept; Sarah Moody;

Jack Moran

Shelves for crate storage

Texas Humane Heros; Kevin Faure, 737-781-4493;

Tanner Wollard

Trophy Case for CRHS German Club

Cedar Ridge High School German Club, Frau Decker,

Will Guthrie

3 sets of Bunk beds

Sleep in heavenly peace charity; Mike Perkins 512-801-2969;

Michael Lee

Pumkin Patch activity set

Bethany UMC Youth Group; Maggie Todd 512-258-6017;

Devin Bruno

Large outdoor toy box for preschool

Bethany UMC Preschool; 512-258-6017

Benji Kromer

2 raised garden beds and irrigation; stain gazebo

Round Rock Serving Center; Lori Scott; 512-244-2431; hello@rraascorg

Alex Swanson

Coat Rack and life-sized chess set

Spicewood Elementary: Teyan Allen; 512-428-3600

Jeff Cunningham

Build and install signs

“The Anderson mill”: Anderson Mill Gardner Club. Rex Jackson 512-797-2086

Aiden Cary

Build planters and picnic table

Williamson Co. Animal Shelter; Misty Valenta; 512-943-3322

Jim Mason

Replace wood in 6 benches

Gateway Church; Rachel VanderNat 571-419-3037

Johnathan Scoggins

Concrete Pad for bleachers

McNeil FFA; Meagan deMasi 281798-5689

Caleb Read

Outdoor Learning Center, benches

Caraway Elementary; Laura DeBellas or Principal 512-464-5500

Joel Carter

Band Percussions Tables

Round Rock High School Band; David Mobley; 512-464-6028

Jack Baddour


St. Thomas More Catholic Church; Theresa Stephens 512-461-5243

Isaac Kliewer

Garden Planters

Community First Village; Trina Bolfing; 281-705-9494

Alex Oster

Little Lending Library

Anderson Mill Elementary; Trana Allen; 512-428-3700

Gabe Kotick

Refurbish Bleachers

S. Austin Little Leage at Preston; Stuart Sampley; 512-771-8856

Andrew Seale

Garden and beds

Anderson Mill Elementary; Trana Allen 512-428-3704

Nicholas Verala

2 swings

Texas Baptist Children’s Home; Brenda Gilbert, 512-246-4244

Cole Gardner

Garden and path

Bethany UMC, Danelle Cowan;

Sean Macauley

90’ gravel path

St Thomas Moore; Andrew DeHart, 512-258-1161

Joshua Jeffrey

Garden boxes at McNeil HS

McNeil Future Farmers of America; Meagan deMasi 281798-5689

Jake Higdon

Plant trees at dog park

Williamson Co. Animal Shelter; Misty Valenta

Peter Fagan

Benches at Canyon Vista MS

Canyon Vista MS: Principal Nicole Hagerty, 512-464-8100

Wesley Stetson

Covered Walkway

Texas Humane Heroes; Mike Sheehan, 512-466-7066;

Vince Palombi

Built Benches for Classroom

Spicewood Elementary; Courtney Torres; 512-428-3600

Evan Johnson

Playscape and landscaping

Liberty Hill food Pantry; Susan Baker; 512-791-2547;

Jason Higdon

Build Cross and pulpit

Outdoor Worship at Covenant UMC: Paster Burkhalter, 512-346-3124

Riley Rust

Handicap Ramp and entryway

Town and Country Sports: Evalyn Hodges, 512-206-6980

Jeremy Mock

Benches at Emma Long Park

Emma Long Park; Mark Henneke City of Austin Parks; 512-698-4381; Manager:

Matthew Varela

Severe Weather signs

River Place Nature Trail; River Place MUD; Art Jistel; 512-771-1404

Terrance Klock

Bee Hotel

Adelphi Acre Community Garden; Neal Charles 347-742-0607

Zach Austin

Build Benches

Shepard of the Hills Christian Church

Christian Cowan

Bus Stop Shelter

Bethany UMC

Corbin Capo

Install Trail Signs at Parks

Anderson Mill Limited District; Greg Williams 512-258-4104

Josh Bruno

Goat Houses

Austin Zoo

Timothy Kromer

Refurbish Youth Shop

Great Hills Baptist Church; Daniel VanCleave 512-920-3268

Evan Carter

4 Picnic Tables

Round Rock High School; Natalie Nichols 512-464-6011

John Cho

Install Garden

Twin Lakes Fellowship; Nathan Hoeft 512-587-1608

Wayne Tucker

Sidewalk and Ga-ga Pit

Triumphant Love Lutheran Church

Nathan Read

Sidewalk and viewing platform

“The Anderson mill”: Anderson Mill Gardner Club. Rex Jackson 512-797-2086

Nico Ortiz

Xeriscape Garden

Live Oak Elementary; Katie Holding 512-428-3800

Quentin Wheatley

Mapping storm drains

North Austin M.U.D. #1; Alan McNeil 512-769-6037

Chris Bengtson

Wooden Kiosk

McNeil High School; Ms. Vick; 512-464-6300

Kenny Wang

Build Bookshelves

Inside Books – prison ministry

Andrew Dyer

Kickball Diamond

Texas Baptist Children’s Home; Brenda Gilbert 512-246-4244

Simon Kliewer

Shelves and storage at school

Chaparral Star Academy; Marsha Hagin; 512-989-2672

Brian Coombs

Entire Horse Barn

Spirit Reins ; Kris Weixel 512-515-0845

Stuart McNeil

Planted 14 Trees

North Austin M.U.D. #1; Gary Spoonts; 512-423-8156;

Brandon Lao

Garden Beds and memorial

Red Cross of central texas; Victoria Goldfedib 512-929-1209

Ajay Nair

Garden bed

McNeil High School; Christine Vick; 512-464-6300

Vijay Nair

Walkway to portable

McNeil High School

James Nelson

New gate and fence for playground

Bethany UMC

Ethan Markle

Wood habitat for Binturong

Austin Zoo; Toni Alberty 512-288-1490

Jonathan Jeffrey

Painting 16 doors at school

Pond Springs Elementary

Dakota Fannin

Build screens, install door, lattice

Anderson Mill Senior Center

Jacob Read

Reenactment Props

Texas Forces Museum – Camp Mabry

Nick Thornton

Pagoda, rain-barrels, landscaping

Lone Star Lions Eye Bank – Manor TX; Bess Belliveaux 512-457-0638

George Elley

54’ gravel pathway

Bethany UMC

Trenton Markle

Reading program for 9-11 yr olds

Clay-Madsen Rec Center; 512-218-3220

Andrew Horton

Fountain installation

Bethany UMC

Daniel Hall

Landscaping and trails

Northwest YMCA ; Omar Santos 512-335-9622

Chris Baddour

56’ concrete sidewalk

Kathy Caraway Elementary; 512-464-5500

Haden Janak

Trail improvement

Stiener Ranch/Balcones Canyonlands Preserve; Edgar Perry 512-699-6139

Jack Mattson

Picnic Area

Town & Country Optimist Club; Evalyn Hodges 512-206-6980

Spencer Sartin

Mile Marker Installation

North Austin MUD #1; Alan McNeil 512-769-6037

An Eagle Scout project beneficiary …

does not have to be a registered nonprofit.

must not be the Boy Scouts of America or BSA councils, units or camps.

can be another Scouting or youth-serving organization.

must not be a commercial business (though something like a park that’s open to the public but owned by a business, for example, would be OK, provided “the project primarily benefits the community, as opposed to the profits of the business”).

cannot be an individual, though exceptions can be made, such as an elderly person able to live at home but unable to keep their property safe or visually appealing, raising the project’s scope beyond that individual person.

must be fully aware of any work that is being done and approve of this work before it begins.

20 ideas for unique Eagle Scout service project beneficiaries

You won’t find religious institutions or schools on this list, though those make excellent Eagle Scout project beneficiaries — especially if it’s your chartered organization. This list is all about options that are lesser-known but still worthy of consideration.

Veteran support organizations, such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars

Organizations that support national parks (there are about 450 such local philanthropic organizations across the country)

Libraries (see if your local library has a “Friends of [your town] Library” group, and start there)

Animal shelters and other groups that help our furry friends

Museums (try a search at the American Alliance of Museums to get started)

Nonprofit performing arts groups, including theater or dance companies, orchestras and more

Youth-serving organizations — other than the BSA

Historical societies and preservation organizations (search 4,500 listings here)

Colleges, universities, vocational schools and technical schools — especially smaller ones that could use the extra help

Health care facilities — especially nonprofit clinics that serve lower-income patients (search free and charitable clinics here)

Community gardens, botanical gardens and arboretums

Youth sports organizations and recreation centers

Food banks, soup kitchens and food pantries (search more than 12,000 here)

Senior centers (search the directory at the National Council on Aging)

Charities that build houses for people, such as Habitat for Humanity or Building Homes For Heroes

Local cities and towns with their various agencies, buildings, parks, monuments and more (this is a pretty broad one, but so is everything offered in an American city or town)

Nonprofit groups dedicated to preserving and protecting a specific river, lake, trail or other natural feature

Organizations that provide programs to children or adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, such as the Special Olympics

Nonprofit groups that put on festivals within your city or town

Service organizations like Rotary International, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lions Club and many more

Appendix B: General instructions for preparing for an Eagle Project Review before the Troop 146 Committee:

Please “Be Prepared” with the following:

· Full Class A Uniform (including Neckerchief, Olive pants/shorts, BSA belt, BSA socks, MB sash, OA sash, etc.)

· An enthusiastic presentation of your project!!

· We stress to PRESENT, as we will most likely have you start over if you are simply reading us your workbook.

· Your original workbook so it can be signed once approved

· 6 black and white copies for the Committee members to review (front & back printing is OK)

· If you have pictures or diagrams please bring them so we can share and review – feel free to bring a slide deck on your computer if you would like

· Notepad and pen – you will receive feedback and recommendations at a minimum

· Please bring a list of Eagle Merit Badges you need to complete along with any help you need on these

· Your parents…they are welcome and encouraged to join you for moral support, but cannot participate

Here is the order we’ll follow for your presentation.

1. You’ll introduce yourself (NOT your project) to the Committee while handing out your workbook copies – we want to know about you, your goals, and interests outside of Scouting in addition to any Scouting highlights you want to share

2. The Committee will take about 10 minutes to review your workbook and get an understanding of your project

3. You will present your project to the Committee – feel free to bring a computer and slide deck if you deem appropriate

4. The Committee will go through a Question & Answer period with you about your project to formalize our understanding and clarify any questions

5. You (and parents if present) will step outside for 5-10 minutes while the Committee discusses your project and finalizes our recommendations for you. We determine at this time if your project can be approved.

6. You return and we discuss our thoughts and recommendations with you

7. If approved, your original workbook will get signed and returned so you can move forward with District review

8. If not approved, we will discuss with you what the Committee will require for approval and sign off. You will not be required to present again. You and I will make arrangements to review your updated proposal and secure approval and sign off.

Appendix C: General instructions for preparing for an Eagle Board of Review

Board of Reviews will be scheduled by Mr. Messick and include Mr. Siedenberg from the Council and 3 other committee members.  Parents and guests are not generally allowed to attend.

You will need to bring:

- your original Eagle application

- Scout Handbook

- 4 copies of each of these items: your Eagle application; complete Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook; and your life purpose statement

You need to wear full Class A uniform.

This is generally how an Eagle BoR happens, although some alterations do sometimes occur:

You will hand out copies of documents to BoR members and give your originals and Handbook to Mr. Seidenberg.

You will be asked to depart while the Board reviews your documents and recommendation letters (provided by Mr. Seidenberg)

You will be invited back into the room.

A scoutmaster of your choosing will provide a brief introduction and then depart.

Mr. Seidenberg will convene the BoR.

He will also Chair the BoR, which will last about 45 to 60 minutes.

When the Board has completed Q&A, Mr. Seidenberg will adjourn the BoR.

You will leave the room so the Board can discuss your results.

After several minutes, you will be invited back into the room and informed of the BoR outcome.

If successful, your Application and handbook are signed by Mr. Seidenberg and BoR members. Mr. Seidenberg will also describe to you how to proceed with paperwork.

If unsuccessful, you will be told why, and a BoR re-scheduling will be done for a future date.

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