5k to Matete support considerations

This page is meant to capture all responsibilities & requirements necessary for support of Bethany run/walk event. This worked out to about 3 Service hours of time.

Responsibilities (in 2013):

  • Provide coolers & ice for water bottles
  • Stage coolers at turnaround points for 1 mile walk & 5k run. Provide personnel at these locations.
  • Assist with any setup required (Bags of Grace)
  • Manage bouncy playscape.
  • Organize runners by their pace prior to the start of the race
  • Police/cleanup area after runners leave race area
  • Cheer runners as they cross finish line

Headcount required:

  • 2 for 5k turnaround
  • 2 for 1M walk turnaround
  • 4-5 for runner organization
  • 2-3 adults


  • 3 coolers, with ice
  • 2 water coolers, with ice & water
  • 1 cart to position coolers at appropriate locations
  • 2-3 trash bags
  • pliers with slim nose (for turning on water spigot)


Friday night before event:

  • pick up coolers, fill with ice. If the water bottles are available, put them in the coolers first, then fill the coolers with ice.

Saturday morning:

  • At the park, fill the water coolers with water; there is a faucet in the men's bathroom under the sink. There was no handle there; it has a square head, and pliers from a Leatherneck tool were able to get in and grip the head. Alternately, there is a faucet at the pavilion, but you will need a hose , as the faucet is too low to fill the water coolers.
  • Drive the ice coolers & water bottles to the Brushy Creek sports complex. The one mile turnaround and 5k turnaround are on this map:

Brushy Creek race map

  • At race time, Scouts will hold signs to organize the racers into relative pace groups: faster runners in the front, walkers at the back. Depending on the activity level, Scouts supporting the bouncy playscape can be used to hold signs.
  • As racers finish, Scouts should cheer on participants as the complete their race.
  • Scouts that are manning the water stations should wrap up their activities about an hour after race start; this can be adjusted based on the level of use after the 45 minute mark. Scouts would take the coolers with leftover bottles back to the vehicle. As they walk back, Scouts will police the area for empty water bottles & other trash. The entire race length should be checked.
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