Misc Info:

Uniform Info:

We encourage all of the boys to have a scout uniform and wear it to all troop events. For the younger boys, the uniform is the tan shirt. As he grows in stature and in rank, he can add the scout pants to his wardrobe.

As Scoutmaster conferences and the Board of Review conference, the scout must wear his complete Class A uniform.

For the ranks of Scout, the complete Class A uniform is the Scout Shirt and neckerchief.

For the ranks of Tenderfoot and higher; the complete Class A uniform includes the Scout Shirt and neckerchief, Scout Pants, and Scout socks (if wearing shorts). The Scout Handbook is part of the uniform.

There are a few pairs of scout pants in the clothes closet in the Committee Room. These can be borrowed and worn during a conference if the scout comes to the meeting unprepared or if he doesn't have his own uniform pieces yet.

The Class B uniform is the Troop 146 shirt. This is typically worn when the event planned will be active in nature, or less formal.

Merit Badges:

Before starting any merit badge, you must contact the merit badge counselor for that merit badge. Their names and contact information can be found under Manage > Members > Merit Badge Counselors.  If that doesn't work you can find it under Communicate->ContactList at the very bottom in a by-member-name format.   If that doesn't work, then use this static copy 22Jul2019 static link of MB counselors .  

General Monday Night Schedule:

  • 6:35 – Patrol Leaders and SPL do last minute planning; Service Patrol sets up
  • 6:45 – Opening ceremony; Announcements
  • 6:55 – Program
  • 7:25 – Patrol Meeting or Game
  • 7:50 – Line up for closing; Service patrol gets flags from Gym and does last cleaning
  • 7:55 – Closing Announcements
  • 8:00 – Scoutmaster Minute
  • 8:05 – Closing Ceremony
  • 8:10 – Dismissed

How To's:

  • Enter email and phone numbers into troop track:

1. On the top bar click your name

2. On the drop down menu click "Your Profile"

3. Click Edit next to contact info

4. Insert your email and/or your phone number

5. Click save

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