1. Canned biscuits 
  2. Frying oil
  3. powder sugar
  4. sugar
  5. cinnamon


  1. Frying pot
  2. A burner/w propane 
  3. Frying scoop 
  4. thermometer
  5. containers for dusting the donuts
  6. paper towels
  7. funnel
  8. table


Set up your burner and propane. Make sure that your propane isn't leaking, or it will cause problems. But now, pour the oil into your pot. Heat the oil up to 375 degrees. 

While you're waiting for your oil to heat up, you can go ahead and set up your first batch of donuts. You take a can of biscuits, open the can, and take all of the biscuits out. Take your thumb or whatever finger you're comfortable with, and you want to make a hole in the middle of the biscuit. Make sure the hole is large enough so that when it starts to cook, the center will close up. 
- if the hole is too small the donut won't cook all the way. 
- if the hole is too big, you will tear the dough. 

After that, and when your oil is ready, you want to put the donuts into the oil as close as possible so that it won't splash up. if you drop the donuts too high it will splash and hit your hand. Don't use the fry scoop to set the donuts in because it will cook on the scoop itself. When it's in, you'll let it cook for a bit, and when you think it's time, grab the scoop and flip the donut in the oil so it can cook the other side. When the donut is golden brown (picture below), you're going to take out the donut using the fry scoop. Place the cooked donut in one of the two containers you set up, either powder sugar or cinnamon/sugar. And shake and serve.

Tanner Wollard.

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