Leadership is an integral part of the scouting program. Here is some information about Leadership

  • Terms are 6 months and run from February - July and August - January
  • You must fill out a Leadership Application
  • Applications are typically due 1 week before elections which are typically 2 weeks before the term begins
  • Scout Leaders are expected to attend a 1 hour monthly Patrol Leader Council (PLC) which is usually the last Tuesday of the month
  • Each term is started with a leadership training event

Patrol Leader Responsibilities

Patrol Leader Council (PLC) duties explained

If you want to fulfill your leadership position, role, and responsibilities, these are “must be there” events. If you will not be able to participate yourself, be sure your back-up/delegate does.

  • You do not need to sign-up for the monthly PLC meetings on ScoutRoom.Net (SRN), however attendance will be taken and tracked each month.
  • Monthly PLC meeting is the last Tue of each month (not the 4th Tue)
  • Every Patrol must be represented and prepared to report-out. If you, as PL, can’t make it, then you are expected to communicate with your APL so your Patrol actively participates and reports-out.
  • PL report-out on key information
    • Patrol attendance – who’s missed more than 50% of Troop/Patrol meetings in the past month? Why?
    • Patrol rank advancement needs (1st Class or under) – what is the majority need for your Patrol?
    • Patrol Assistant Scoutmaster involvement – is your ASM actively participating in Patrol meetings, copying Scout books and updating SRN rank advancement status? If not, why not?
    • What Patrol campout/events did you accomplish in the past month?
    • What Patrol campouts/events do you have planned or scheduled in the next 3 months?
    • What Patrol communications have you successfully completed in the past month (Emails, calls, meetings, etc.)?>* How active are your Patrol communications (actually getting confirmations/affirmations and interaction)?
    • Others SPL needs assigned to your Patrol (Service Patrol, etc.)?
    • Other needs?

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT):

An opportunity for Scouts who want to develop their leadership skills. It is a valuable course for any Scout interested in Troop leadership. If you are considering running for SPL, you must have NYLT before the election. NYLT is a pre-requisite for the Philmont NAYLE program.

In order to attend NYLT

  • You will be at least 13 years old and a first class Scout by the first day of the course or you will be at least 14 years old and registered in a Venturing Crew
  • You will not be 18 years old before the last day of the course if a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout or 21 years old if a Venturer
  • You now hold, or intend to hold, a unit leadership position
  • You are mature and responsible enough to spend an entire week camping with Scouts and Venturers you've never met with minimal adult supervision
  • You commit to abide by the Scout Oath and Law
  • You agree to practice the skills you learn at NYLT when you return to your home unit
  • Your parent and Scoutmaster (Boy Scouts), Coach (Varsity Scouts) or Crew Advisor (Venturers) approve your application.

Visit the BSACAC NYLT registration page for more information and registration.

We may be able to make partial scholarships available for committed Scouts.

Emcee for a Court of Honor:

  • You decide if you want to have snacks or desserts after CoH, or neither – we MUST be out of the Fellowship Hall no later than 08:30 pm – all chairs put away, etc. for the Westwood Christian Youth Athletes. Mr Cowan can confirm.
  • Can start at standard meeting time, 6:45pm
  • You make sure Service Patrol for September is ready to arrive early (~ 6:15 pm) and set up chairs & tables – coordinating with SPL & APSLs to ensure enough are available to get things set-up – and stay late after the CoH to clean-up
  • You make sure either Service Patrol or other Scouts handout programs
  • You secure a Scouter (ASM, SM, or Committee Member – an adult) to introduce any/all Ranks – this must be done by next Mon, 01Sep (1 week before CoH) so Mr Bruno can get the program completed and produced by the CoH
    • Best to ask someone to introduce all possible ranks – then if there are no Scouts in that rank – that Scouters (adult) gets a pass
  • Work with Mr Bruno on what goes into the Program (he has a good template from Mrs Mack & will coordinate with the Mr Larsen & the Venture Crew) Typically it’s:
    • Invocation (opening prayer)
    • Announcements – shared by Scoutmaster &/or SPL (best for adults to cover some topics such as Friends of Scouting $, etc. and rest by SPL)
    • Rank Advancements (listed in program by Patrol but recognized by Rank) – remind Scouters to be sure that Parents know they should come up with their Scout – and Mom’s get a ribbon if they don’t have one yet
    • Slides shows & related hand out of Patches, awards, etc.
    • Merit Badges (listed by Patrol but recognized by Scout)
    • Special Awards – usually is 1 or so but often we don’t know until a day or 2 before…
    • Convocation (closing prayer)
      • You secure a Scout (preferred) or Scouter to offer the Invocation & Convocation

Being the Master of Cermonies for the Court of Honor can fulfill #8 requirement of the Communications merit badge, which is required for Eagle.

Quartermaster Duties (by Caleb Read)

Here are some of the things, documents, responsibilities you might need or have as a Quartermaster.

Troop Youth Leadership Positions (page 10) these are also printed out on the bulletin board in the shed

QM mentor (the person who advises you and buys all of the basic equipment)- Mr. Johnson

Shed Combo- xxxx (get from Scoutmaster or Quartermaster Mentor)

Other combos for either the trailers or shed yard- xxxx and xxxx (get from Scoutmaster or Quartermaster Mentor)

New lanterns- we have 4 new LED lanterns+ batteries and battery checker (you may have to buy new batteries) However these do not have cases.

Items that you will need to replenish often from my experience- paper towels, spatulas, propane, lighters, and all wash station equipment (bleach, soap,and sponges) (Mr. Johnson will buy these)

Weekly responsibilities- Check if the Monday meeting will need any equipment from the shed. Check if there are any patrol or troop campouts that you will need to get materials for/load the trailer.Check if there are any eagle-scout projects that need materials from the shed.

Monthly responsibilities- keep the shed clean and organized, there is a broom and dustpan to sweep with. Sometimes the trash needs to be taken out. Just tidy the place up so it looks presentable.

If you would like to make any big purchases, you have to schedule an appointment with the committee and present your idea in front of them. Then they either approve or decline this. I only had to do this once in the case of the LED lanterns.

I would also suggest having a folder designated to being the quartermaster in which you can keep all of the papers (likes the files bellow) as well as a "To Do List" and a "To Buy List".

Flags- we have about 200 flags in the shed that have all been donated to be retired, patrols can do this individually on campouts or we can do it as a troop (we have a meeting soon dedicated to retiring flags)

There are 2 boxes of cecil rope (lashing rope) that needs to be coiled every once and a while and wiped (we also have the rope to whip it with). As well as the cecil rope we have knot tying rope; there should be enough already, but if there is not just cut and fuse 550 cord (paracord). To add to all of that we also the big monkey bridge rope and a tug of war rope.

Inside some of the boxes in the shed we have backup equipment, so if some patrol says that they are missing something, look there first. If there are no spares have Mr. Johnson purchase it.

Propane lanterns- we still have and use the propane lanterns (even though we use the LED ones). These break quite often so you will often need to order new parts for them if  we don't already have them in the lantern spare part box.

We have multiple extra ones of these, and I suggest that you make it a habit to bring one extra one of these on all major campouts.

Some things that need to be done are:

       Make a new spar holder

       Mow and weed-eat

       Sort some of the firewood

       Pick up trash

Regarding the spar lengths we have:

30, 12-14 foot spars

9, 8 foot spars

8, 7 foot spars

16, 6 foot spars 

10, 5 foot spars

10, 4 foot spars

There are a 4 important docs here: https://t146.trooptrack.com/share/troop_documents. One of them is a list of all of the items that go in a chuck box. The "Shed Procedures" and the "Campout Equipment" documents are both hanging in the shed already for reference, but I would suggest reading over them. The last document is a paper I made, It is for checking chuckbox items out to be cleaned. I would carry a few of these around to make sure that if anyone takes chuckboxes home that they are returned.

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