Summer Camps

YearLost PinesAlternate CampPhilmontSeabaseNorthern TierSummitNational JamboreeOther
2010XWest Texas Adventure (Tom Jeffrey)

2011XTom Hale (OK) (Bill Tucker)X(Christian Nelson & Tray Read)X(Yvonne Jeffrey)

2012X (John Mattson)BTSR (Rick Markle)

2013XConstantin (Sean Fagan)

2014X (Jim Watson)Wehinahpay (Tre Cowan)X(Rick Markle)
X(Tray Read)

2015X (Louis Bruno)West TX adventure (Josh Wollard)X (Christian Nelson)X (Sean Fagan)

WSJ (Japan)(John Mattson)
2016X(Tre Cowan)BTSR (Josh Wollard)X(Sean Fegan)
X(John Mattson)

2017X(Kristen Rust)Alexander (Justin Lapato)X(A-Tray Read;B-Andy Johnson)

2018X(Brett Fagan)Constantin (Rob Guthrie)

X (A-Tray Read;B-Josh Wollard)

2019X(Kristen Rust)BTSR (Jenny Eisenhauer)
X(Josh Wollard)

WSJ (USA/Bechtel)(Jack Mattson)
2020(canceled due to Covid-19)(canceled due to Covid-19)
(canceled due to Covid-19)

X(Tray Read)

2021X(Kristen Rust)West Texas (Josh Wollard)
X(A-Tray Read; B-Brett Fegan)

Alexander (Ben Holder?)

X(A-Sean Cary; B-Brian Schlosher )

For Triple Crown and Grand Slam awards

Trek Year and TypeTrek NumberAdult LeadersYouth
2021 Philmont Alpha Crew621-R-04Tray Read
Michael Moran
Benji Kromer - CL          Wesley Stetson
Caleb Read - WG           Cole Gardner
Jeff Cunningham - CA    Jim Mason
Jack Moran                     Alex Swanson
Justin Lapato                  John Merriman
2021 Philmont Bravo Crew621-R-05Brett Fagan    Paul Grudowski
Phillip Hsu      Chelsea Varner
Conner Fagan - CL        Wes Kouri
Ian Grudowski                Mason Hsu
Ethan Varner
2020 Summit Bechtel River Trek807-B-RTTray Read       Josh Wollard
Micheal Moran
Nathan Read                Caleb Read
 Tanner Wollard            Benji Kromer
Ian Wollard                   Jack Moran   
2019 Sea Base - Big BoatSe-052919-A
Josh Wollard    Sean Cary
Rob Guthrie     Carl Swanson
Andy Johnson
Tanner Wollard          Jack Moran
Aiden Cary                Caleb Read
Grant Cary                 Andrew Seale
Will Guthrie               Ethan Varner
Evan Johnson          Sutej Tapdiay
Conner Fagan           Alex Swanson
Devin Bruno             ???   ???
2018 Northern Tier Alpha Crew

Tray Read     Tommy GardnerCaleb Read             Jeff Cunningham
Travis Gardner        Isaac Kliewer
Benji Kromer           Alex Swanson
2018 Northern Tier Bravo CrewE072818PJosh Wollard      Andy JohnsonTanner Wollard       Evan Johnson
Jim Mason              Caleb Farris
TJ Mertz                 Andrew Seale
2017 Philmont Alpha Crew703-K-05Tray Read         Mike Klock
Ralph Varela
Nathan Read         Terrance Klock
Matthew Varela      Nicholas Varela
Gabe Kotick           Isaac Kliewer
Ben Jones             Evan Carter
2017 Philmont Bravo Crew703-K-06Josh Wollard      Andy Johnson
Averl Seale        David Lee
Tanner Wollard      Jim Mason
Evan Johnson        Andrew Seale
Micheal Lee           Jake Higdon
Jack Baddour        Steven Sankey
2016 Northern Tier
John Mattson     Tommy Gardner   ???Jack Mattson         Cole Gardner
Wesley Stetson     Caleb Farris  ???

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